Les DIY pour votre mariage

3 DIY objects around wine for your wedding

Oé, today we honor the wine lovers who will soon pass the ring on their finger. Weddings , in the team, we love that. These are moments charged with emotions under the sign of conviviality and sharing. Your union must be in your image and if your passion is wine and the right grape varieties , what better than to integrate them into your wedding decoration . With a little creativity and a lot of recovery, the field of possibilities is open to you. The Oé team gives you ideas for original and eco-responsible DIY decorations to highlight your objects around wine on your wedding day . Get in the car, bride and groom !

Corks to decorate your wedding venue

Nothing is lost, nothing is created: everything is transformed. It was Lavoisier who said it and we fully agree with him. We could even add a variant: "nothing is thrown away, everything is recovered". In the team, we know and love recycling. All our bottles are committed from A to Z and come from the deposit as much as possible. Our stoppers are made of natural cork and come straight from an FSC forest in Portugal, a label that attests to the sustainable management of forests.

How about taking a closer look at our famous cork bottle stoppers ? Once the bottle has been uncorked and the good organic wine has been tasted, you sometimes don't know what to do with it and yet they can be used for many things. Already, we are working with an association, France Cancer, which is responsible for recovering the corks to transform them and thus collect money to help research for people with cancer. If you rather want to keep them for yourself and your creative ideas, feel free to give them a second life. For example, in the team, we have already transformed them into trivets .

And for your wedding, we give you some hot ideas to make at home! Let's go for DIY madness. You can use your corks to make name tags to add a little rustic touch to your tables during your wedding meal. For this, two options. You can use one, you just have to stabilize your cork with a small support, then split it lengthwise and slide in the first name of your guest. For the more handymen, take several, tie them with a small linen cord before putting the paper with the first name of your guest. Well, that's it ! For your printed papers, as for our caps, you can use paper from an FSC forest or recycled paper .

Cork name tags

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To add an even more rustic touch to your wedding decoration , it is also possible to make a suspension of corks to hang from the ceiling of your reception venue. Again, a little glue, string, FSC wooden hoops, a little elbow grease and patience and you will have perfect rustic and atypical chandeliers to charm your guests. Owl, isn't it?

DIY wooden hoops
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Wine bottles for your menus and more

Now that we've seen what we can do with the corks, let's see what we can do with our bottles . The glass bottle is an object that does not lack elegance. If you want to keep our Oé bottles after tasting our wines, we fully understand that. They can be reused in different ways and it is perfect for a wedding decoration . For example, you can transform it into a receptacle for your guestbook . A rather original idea but which will not fail to surprise your guests.

Bottles as decoration

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The table plan is of course an important element to properly seat your guests during the wedding meal. You can play the originality card and use your recycled Oé bottles for each table. All you have to do is write the table number on a piece of cardboard placed in the slot of the corks and the list of the corresponding guests on the labels and voila, you have a seating plan right in the wine theme of your day. 

DIY ideas with your bottles

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All our labels are recycled and recyclable and affixed with water-soluble glue. They come off perfectly with hot water. You can affix a new label made of recycled paper and use your creativity to write the meal menus in your best handwriting.

Awaken the creative spirit that lies dormant in you and go straight for your bottle customization ideas. You can paint them in the colors of your wedding, place a rolled parchment inside to mark a nice word for your guests, like a bottle at the sea. You can also let your guests write one or more words that you will discover after the festivities. or during your honeymoon , enough to keep nice memories of this beautiful day.

Guestbook, table plan, menu holder , here are some ideas to give a second life to your bottles. There are still many others, you can, for example, use them as candles to illuminate your tables during the evening or arrange them along your garden to illuminate the passage with small LEDs. For this, bottles of different sizes can be used to add diversity to the decoration. Our standard bottles and the mini bottles of our Oé mini are perfect for the occasion.

Barrel tables for your reception

Before the wedding meal , there is the vin d'honneur , the aperitif cocktail where everyone meets after the ceremony to toast. To arrange the petits fours for your aperitif, you can opt for an original decoration and swap traditional tables for wine barrels, one of the essential accessories for winemaking . You can ask your local caterer, rent them, borrow them from friends or winegrowers in your area, there is bound to be something for everyone.

To set up, simply put a wooden board over two wine barrels and cover it with a tablecloth and there you have it, the perfect buffet table for your reception. To push the cork further, use your barrel tables to place your wine glasses and your drinks and add bunches of grapes if the season allows it. Your barrel tables can also be used during your dinner to place the wedding cake or your dessert, a good way to end your meal in style.

Barrel tables for your wedding

Drinks, petit fours, cheeses, desserts, have you thought of everything ? By dint of talking about recycling , we almost forget that before reusing our bottles , we have to taste them. Treat yourself to our selection of organic, vegan and pesticide-free wines. You can find all our good bottles of wine on our website . Côtes-du-Rhône , Languedoc , Bordeaux , Vaucluse or the Mediterranean , whatever your tastes, we necessarily have yours.

We hope we've given you some ideas for your big day . Now make way for your imagination and your creativity to put in place beautiful ideas to charm your guests. If DIY is not your passion, there is always another solution. You can call on eco-responsible wedding planners who will manage the decoration of your wedding for you, such as Sarah Rozan ,MyGreenEvent or Ma Vie de Bohème . For the more creative, if you have DIY suggestions to share with us, we will be happy to receive them and share them in turn. Write to us at hello@oeforgood.com and share your great finds with us.

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