Foire aux questions

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1) Order

How to track the order?
How to get an invoice?
How do I use my promo code?
Can I pay with Paypal?
Are my payments 100% secure?
What if there is an error in the order?
What if my package is broken?

2) Gift card and partner

How do I use my Oé gift card?
How do I use my Ethi'kdo gift card?
How do I receive my Oé wine box via Smartbox?

3) Delivery

How soon do I receive my Oé wines after ordering them?
What should I do if the relay point cannot find my package?
How long will my package stay at a relay point?
I am not at home at the time of delivery, what happens?

4) Wine

How is it possible to produce a zero-pesticide wine?
Is your wine vegan? How come ?
Why are there no capsules on Oé wine bottles?
How does the deposit work?

5) Oh

Why did you choose organic?
What are your commitments for the planet?
What relationship does Oé have with the winegrowers?

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