B Corp

Vines account for 4% of agriculture in France but 20% of pesticide use in France. It's time for change!

We work with winemakers who place their love for living things at the heart of their philosophy towards vineyards and viticulture. All our bottles are reusable, we work towards zero waste in the winery with our inox tanks and palox, and our pallets are also zero waste (we've divided our waste by 25 over two years). Above all, we're creating a new business model built on joy, inclusion, and transparency.

It's thanks to this consistency that Oé is a certified B Corp. The B Corp certification brings together companies working to benefit all people, communities, and the planet. The goal is not to be the best in the world but the best for the world.

Oé is an impact-first brand, founded from a desire to do good and to bring about change. Just like the role of the internet in DNVBs, digital native vertical brands, positive impact has been at the very center of our mission since the start.

At the same time, we know we need an external guide, a compass that allows us to go further and reach our goals more quickly. Surrounding ourselves with the best businesses around the world allows us to constantly draw inspiration from their actions.

The journey to B Corp certification

The beginning of our B Corp adventure started in 2016 thanks to Camille, one of the first members of our team. After several months of hard work detailing our actions and policies, we were delighted to be awarded B Corp certification in 2017 with 82 points.

In the three following years, we immersed ourselves in the global B Corp vision. We attented meetings, working groups and conferences, both as guests and speakers. It's thanks to this passion and commitment that we achieved the score of 97.9 points in 2020 .

The team are currently hard at work on our submission for recertification (shout out to Cécile, Charlotte and Mathilde). This time, we hope to hit 130 points—but shh, it's a secret for now!

Everything you want to know about B Corp

- the assessment questionnaire includes some 200 questions (it's a pretty epic task to complete)

- you need at least 80 points to obtain certification (we're up to the challenge)

- on average, companies that take the assessment are awarded around just 50 points (no pressure)

When you complete the B Impact Assessment, you qualify for different Impact Business Models (IBMs).

An IBM is an objective achieved through significant business actions for the well-being and protection of employees, customers, resources and biodiversity. IBMs drive real and lasting positive impact in our society and for the world.

Our Impact Business Models at Oé

- protecting our corporate mission to positively transform agriculture, consumerism and business into a force for good

- the professional development of our staff

- the alleviation of poverty in the supply chain

- the alleviation of poverty through micro-entrepreneurship

- local economic development

- the preservation of resources

- protecting the soil and wildlife

- toxin reduction and remediation

You can also be part of the B Corp adventure and participate in this global movement!