Une entreprise à mission

Being a company with a mission means including in its statutes a strong commitment to respond to social, societal and/or environmental issues. Once the statutes of the company have been modified, each decision taken must meet these objectives.

We share with you here the mission that we carry.

The raison d'être of the Company is to transform agriculture, consumption, and business in the service of the Common Good.

“The Company also intends to generate a positive and significant social, societal and environmental impact in the exercise of its activities.

In particular, the Company's mission is to pursue, within the framework of its activity, within the meaning of 2° of Article L. 210-10 of the French Commercial Code, the following social and environmental objectives:

- Build products and operations with the objective of zero waste

- Offer only organic products and zero pesticides

- Deploy the Oé program for biodiversity.

As part of this approach, the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer undertake to take into consideration the social, societal and environmental consequences of his decisions on all of the company's stakeholders and the consequences of his decisions on the environment.

Every decision we make goes in the direction of a more sustainable and desirable world. Whether through our product and its reusable container, communication to raise awareness, waste reduction and the preservation of biodiversity.

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