The team

Fx and Thomas - the two co-founders - have always pushed us to do, to test, to make decisions, to be wrong. We are also precursors on the subjects of parenting. For a few years now, we have been supporting each parent on the team in order to provide them with an ideal setting. This is the best way to grow and develop the team.

The team campaigns for the reuse of bottles, to reduce all waste as much as possible, whether in offices and especially in our warehouse. We are also campaigning to preserve biodiversity, regenerate the soil and contribute to a new, more virtuous business model: with more joy, inclusion and transparency.

It is this consistency that has made us a company that is eager to do good and above all has been labeled B Corp since 2017. We are really far from perfect, but we tend to make better choices for a more sustainable and desirable world.

We tell you more about each area of ​​impact here 👇🏼

We present to you the whole team

Operations : Fx, Soso famous, Mathilde P, Thompé, Fabrice, Simon and Cécile

Marketing : Thomas L, Cha, Paul and Math

Trade : Manon, Claire, François, Thomcha, Gaëlle, Naël, Salomé, Jean, Nicolas

Moreover, do not hesitate to take a look at our Welcome To The Jungle profile to discover all the open positions and internships.