8 façons créatives d’utiliser des bouchons de liège

8 creative ways to use wine corks

Cork stoppers are essential for bottles of wine or champagne, but once the bottle is finished you never know what to do with it. So if you lack inspiration, here are some ideas to reuse them.

Oé: do good with good, uncork good organic wines!

Oé cork stoppers to be creative

1) Below dish

A little creativity, a piece of string, a dozen corks and you've got yourself a pretty coaster (or coaster) to take out for your summer evenings.

2) As a fire starter

Corks are a great way to start a fire in an ecological and easy way!

Nothing could be simpler: just soak the corks in white vinegar or 90° alcohol. This will allow you to light your fireplace, your insert or your barbecue very easily. To avoid burning yourself, you can prick the cork with a wooden skewer.

3) Against bad smells in the fridge.

Try ! They absorb bad odors and leave your fridge fresh. Feel free to drop a drop of peppermint essential oil to accentuate the clean smell. This trick does not replace the need to clean your fridge regularly to prevent bacteria from growing too quickly.

4) To keep your fruit longer

Cut it in half and place it in your fruit basket. The cap repels midges and absorbs moisture.

Oé: do good with good, uncork good organic wines!

5) To stop scratching the floor

Cut the cork into strips and place them under the feet of your furniture! An ecological, effective and fast way to protect your parquet from scratches.

6) As a decorative object: cork drawer knobs

A touch of imagination and you get unique, personalized and accessible furniture. You can also keep them in a basket in your kitchen or dining room.

7) To recap an opened bottle.

Surprising use isn't it? But how many of us found ourselves very helpless when it came to putting the cork back on your opened bottle? All you have to do is immerse the cap in boiling water for 10 minutes. This will soften the cork and allow you to put it back in the bottle without any problem.

8) As place cards

A trick to indicate the place of the guests at his wedding or during a family dinner.

And finally, if you really see no use in keeping this little piece of cork, do not hesitate to recycle it. There are several collecting organizations which thus make it possible to avoid overexploitation because the demand for corks is constantly increasing while the resource is limited.

Oé: do good with good, uncork good organic wines!

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