Du liège naturel issu de forêts FSC pour nos bouchons Oé

Natural cork from FSC forests for our Oé closures

Deforestation is a scourge that threatens the environment: in the Amazon, for example, no less than 1,300 square kilometers of forests have been cut down since the beginning of 2020 (and until the end of April), i.e. the equivalent of 1,800 soccer fields. It's sad. So we can come together to change the game, and it starts with bottles of good Oé wine and their corks from FSC forests!

Topo on the FSC label (Forest Stewardship Council)

The FSC label was founded by an NGO which was created following the Earth Summit in Rio in 1993. The mission: to protect the lungs of the earth and to promote a demanding, efficient and independent certification. The forests are regularly checked and the companies also to ensure that the specifications are observed and applied to the letter.

The figures around the FSC label

FSC forests currently represent 5% of the world's forests. In France, they are 0.2% in 2017. It's not much, but it's already a first step. And 27 years after its creation, the FSC label represents:

  • 195 million hectares certified
  • 33,000 FSC traced companies
  • and all this in 83 countries

source: wwf

In France, 40,000 hectares and 800 companies have been FSC-certified since the label was launched in the country in 2007!

How to change things? 

We can move the lines on our scale by deciding not to over-consume, to buy only what we need AND with the FSC label with regard to the wood of your furniture, accessories, cork on your bottles, etc. We invite you to find out about the corks of your wine bottles before buying them. In any case, at Oé, we certify that our stoppers are ecological, made of natural cork, from FSC forests in Portugal and that they have each absorbed 302g of CO2.

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