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Grocery stores, wine shops, restaurants: where to find Oé wines?

With the team, we are very happy to forge lasting ties with partners throughout France. We meet committed people to find great grocery stores, restaurants and wine merchants looking for good organic wines , to be closer to you. Since 2020 and thanks to our partner points of sale, you can find and taste your organic Oé wine anywhere in France in addition to our online site . It makes our hearts happy to see more and more businesses, especially grocery stores, choosing organic wine. So today, we put them in the spotlight. Let's go !

The beautiful story of organic grocery stores

Would you like a bit of history? Fair trade and organic stores have a long story to tell. And yes, we tend to forget it, yet social movements and awareness have played a big role in their creation. For example, if you are told fight against slavery and fair trade , does that speak to you? Ready for a good in time?

Fair trade has not always been about protecting the environment and our health . In the 19th century in the United States, when the abolition of slavery was underway, so-called “ethical” businesses encouraged the purchase of “free” products made by free men. This is how the consumer has moved from the status of simple buyer to that of an actor responsible for his choices to make society evolve. A beautiful story, isn't it?

In the 1920s, organic farming was born in Europe and completely changed the face of fair trade. Agricultural cooperatives and businesses are springing up everywhere and positioning themselves as an alternative to intensive agriculture.

The budding love affair between organic and fair trade has not fallen into a decanter, quite the contrary. The organic trade developed and became more democratic throughout the century and some cooperatives even became brands such as La Vie Claire founded in 1948. Naturalia where you can find the Mediterranean rosé from Oé was founded in 1975. And yes, little by little, the organic market has taken root and is now an integral part of the commercial landscape. In France, the organic sector has almost doubled in five years to represent 13 billion in turnover in 2020 and “that's a lot of money” as Louis De Funès would say in La folie des grandeurs .

Our organic wines in grocery stores

All products are represented, and of course, organic wine is one of them. France is the third largest producer of organic wine in the world. We are a bit chauvinistic and particularly proud of this place in the ranking, and you?

Today, specialized brands are not the only ones to offer organic products. Independent shops and organic grocery stores are also there to meet growing consumer demand and allow you to buy organic products such as our good Oé wines , near you, and enjoy them at home.

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Partner organic grocery stores near you

It is in Lyon , the capital of lights and our beautiful city at heart, that we are most present in grocery stores . We like to be close to our partners and we go to meet them regularly. At the beginning of the year, we visited the Patate grocery store to talk about their great organic grocery project. It is Rachel and Pierre who run this shop located on the banks of the Saône in Vieux Lyon. They share the same values ​​with us: working around the good by doing good and offering ethical and responsible products.

If you want to know more about their grocery store, see you here!

And we don't stop at the limits of our beautiful city, we also go to meet our partners in the region. From city to city, we go in search of committed merchants that we embark with us on our great adventure. That's how we met Anaïs and Héloise who run the Tista grocery store in Bordeaux. These two childhood friends are committed to offering good products from local producers and promoting the deposit and a zero waste approach. Here, if you follow us regularly you have noticed the common point with our Zero Waste Logistics project, right?

Want to discover them? That's good, we're talking about them right here!

In line with our visits at the start of the year, we also said hello to the team at the eco-responsible grocery store Boc's in Paris . It's Marie and Anne-Laure, two longtime friends who have been running this grocery store for less than a year. Their mission: to recreate links and proximity with producers and customers and to offer bulk, returnable and reusable products. We are proud to participate in the emergence of new ethical businesses throughout France. We let you discover them here!

Bocs in Paris

We still have many other partner outlets throughout France and it would be difficult to name them all in this article.

You can find them all on our website by clicking here!

And to find out more about our other points of sale, we let you read our exchanges with them in 2021:

Oé in the retail circuit

It's not just specialized brands and independent grocery stores that sell organic products and wine, large retailers are also involved in the sector and participate in the progress of organic. It is even the large and medium-sized supermarkets (GMS) that sell the most organic products . Going to meet consumers directly at their place of purchase, probably the answer to introducing organic wine to as many people as possible.

We then wondered if we should see our wines in the rows of department stores. And we thought that to promote sustainable viticulture and a benevolent way of consuming, it would be a good thing to meet you at the main place of consumption for the French. We therefore developed the “le bien par le bon” range, a range exclusive to large and medium-sized stores. A great way to give you more chances to taste our fine wines at home.

Oé's partner restaurants and wine merchants

Ah, restaurants, it's so pleasant to meet up with friends around a good table or on the terrace. Besides, what could be better than a good glass of organic wine at the restaurant? Grocery stores are not the only ones to offer nuggets. Restaurant owners are committed to offering good eco-responsible products on their plates and in their glasses.

Our organic wines at the restaurant table

Our organic wines are found on many restaurant tables throughout France. A few months ago, we announced good news: our wines were arriving in Le Pain Quotidien restaurants. You know ? Le Pain Quotidien is a brand that has its origins in a bakery founded by Alain Coumont in Brussels in 1990. Today, it is present in the four corners of the world while making commitments for the planet. The à la carte products are organically grown and all its restaurants are actively working to reduce food waste . Values ​​that resonate particularly with us. We share with them the same approach of authenticity, simplicity and quality.

If you want to know more about Le Pain Quotidien, it's here!

We approach restaurants all over France where you can go to taste our good organic wines. The watchword: to offer you a great experience around good food and a good glass of wine. In Lyon , you can find us in Kaffee Berlin , Ultimo restaurant , Comme à la Maison, Patchwork Café and many others. We are also present in Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse and many other cities. Without forgetting our partner wine merchants in Lyon, Lille, Strasbourg and elsewhere.

Peckish ?

Wondering where to find our Oé wines near you? It's here !

If you have a favorite restaurant, a favorite grocery store or a wine merchant where we are not yet present and where you would like to see us, write to us at . And if you feel like it, talk about us around you, recommend our wines to your favorite restaurants. In the meantime, we wish you good times around good wines and we'll tell you very soon.

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