Le développement durable au cœur du Vinocamp

Sustainable development at the heart of Vinocamp

Last Friday, we were at Vinocamp in Bordeaux, a wonderful day on the theme of Sustainable Development, organized by the CIVB — Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux.

The Vinocamp is a regular meeting place for winegrowers, journalists, influencers, start-ups, communicators, professionals and wine enthusiasts. This is our 3rd Vinocamp with Oé. The day is made up of exchanges, round tables, workshops to explore the central subject. We also pitched with five other startups that make respecting the Earth one of their priorities.

The themes of the workshops were diverse, for example: How to deal with the subject of wine to interest consumers? How to effectively communicate sustainable development? How to combine organic and marketing?

These subjects are fascinating and the debate has been rich. We are delighted to see that the entire profession is moving towards an increasingly responsible, positive and benevolent approach. Everyone, at their level, from the winegrower to the distributor, contributes and participates in this dynamic. This did not prevent passionate debates, including those around organic products such as “Veau d'Or”. “In fact, what only matters is that the wine is good. ” A distributor in wine told us. The debate focused on the possible efforts of each of us to implement more sustainable activities. Obviously, the customer buys wine and the minimum is that the wine is delicious when he opens the bottle with his friends. It is only the minimum to offer the customer a good and healthy wine . But what really matters, isn't it the responsibility we all have to be able to contribute to making the world a better place through our activities?

We have a strong responsibility

Each of our actions has a positive or negative impact. We have the possibility of building companies and activities which make employees happy, which make the earth a little better each year than last, which help biodiversity to develop, which plant more than cut, which take care of health rather than the other way around… We have the possibility to choose that and to implement it. Or do the reverse. This is the responsibility of each of us, at our level, where we are. That's what really counts. Making a good wine is only the minimum.

The values of Oé

From the start, we built Oé on strong values. We want to be the greenest way to buy wine, and we want to be a company that makes a real difference in making the world a better place.

So, in addition to offering you wines produced with the greatest respect for the environment, we use renewable energy, deliver your wines in a carbon-neutral way and we work with kindness. We don't want to be the best in the world, but the best for the world.

We still have a lot to do and the road ahead is exciting. Join us in the adventure by opening Oé wines or recommending them to your friends :-)

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