Le vin bio est-il meilleur pour votre santé ?

Is organic wine better for your health?

One apple a day keep the doctor away

Did you also learn this sentence by heart during your English lessons? In any case, what is certain is that this sentence is true as long as your apple has not been fed with chemicals .

Health and wine, what relationship?

Happy New Year and good health as they say! Yes, it is not surprising that we wish each other good health at the beginning of each year because it is more important. The covid pandemic has shown us that taking care of those around us and giving thanks for being healthy are essential.

Food is one of the most important factors in getting fishing! A good greasy pizza or a good burger, we grant you, is always a pleasure, but beware of excess. How many times have we heard this phrase "eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day"? You can eat them raw , cooked , stewed or in juice , up to your creativity and your preferences. A good orange juice in the morning , it's full of vitamins to start the day off right.

Orange juice is not the only drink to be good for your health , water is obviously one of them, we recommend at least one liter of water a day. More surprisingly, cardiologists also recommend coffee, which is a good stimulant for the heart, so big coffee lovers, you can rejoice. Be careful not to abuse it though. Never forget your moderation buddy, it's always good to have it not too far away, at every moment of life.

Perhaps the most surprising is the wine. If the studies contradict each other a little, they agree on at least one thing, reasonable consumption is not bad, even positive.

To form your own opinion on the subject, you can read this article from “Vin & Société” which talks about the relationship between health and wine.

In any case, historically wine has always been well regarded. Beyond its highly valued taste, it has sometimes replaced water for hygienic reasons . Back then, water was much less filtered and treated than it is today, and as you may have already experienced, stagnant water in your stomach doesn't mix well… As for alcohol and fermentation bacteria , they prevent bad bacteria from growing. The solution was even adopted for young and old. The alcohols were of course very diluted for the youngest and we did not feed the newborns with pints of beer. These practices surprise us today. In any case, before 1956, children were entitled to half a liter of wine, beer or cider in the canteen, isn't that crazy?

Doctor Maury wrote in 1974 “Heal yourself with wine” in which he details the benefits of wine. He also prescribes each of the wines according to the patient's needs:

  • sweet wine acts as a tonic
  • champagne for people with tired muscles
  • Bordeaux wine for people with anemia (lack of iron)
  • dry white wine would have a positive effect on the kidneys
  • burgundy wine for hepatic people

If you are a bit lost with all these names, we wrote an article on it.

You can find this cult moment on video by clicking right here . Of course, this sequence is to be taken with a lot of hindsight and second degree because it is about another era. It's not because it says Médoc on your bottle that it will cure you ;)

Health, a pleasure in the glass

There are foods you can't go wrong with, when it's chemical, it's chemical. Sweets for example. A tagada strawberry may borrow the name of the fruit, it is difficult to know where the strawberry taste is hidden. So even if for the greediest, sweets are a real taste pleasure , we can not be fooled and we know that we eat a lot of artificial flavors and chemicals . And between us, it's no secret that sweets are not the best friends of our teeth and our stomachs. Does it remind you of visits to the dentist? ;)

On the other hand, there are products for which it is more difficult to know if it is chemical, transformed or even simply if it has grown in a place covered with pesticides .

Since the industrial revolution companies have learned to produce products in masses, to make large volumes and to sell galore. For that, they need to be efficient and produce as much as possible. Agribusiness companies don't have time to wait for fruits to grow naturally, cows to milk when they need it, and vegetables to come out of the ground on time. Make way for GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) , additives and chemical preservatives .

Industrial products are now part of our daily lives and we get used to their taste at the risk of no longer liking that of natural products . Valentin from the team told us recently that he was surprised by the strong taste of natural cow's milk, he who is used to semi-skimmed milk which is easily found in supermarkets. And you, among those who drink milk, what do you think?

We too often forget that nature offers us the best of meals when we take the time to let it be, to listen to it and let it surprise us.

So, what about the taste of good things and organic products ? See you at your favorite locavore grocery stores!

Organic wine is good and good for your health

At Oé, we often repeat, the vine is 4% of agriculture and 20% of pesticides . We repeat it because we know that it is not easy to realize it and yet it is important. If you doubt it, we suggest you test a natural wine , the taste is incomparable with that of conventional wines .

The word " pesticide " can be scary at first sight, we assure you it's not the devil. There are natural pesticides such as copper or sulfur that have beneficial effects for wine, provided they are used sparingly. Chemical pesticides, on the other hand, are bad for the soil and for health. In the short term they are very effective and are an attractive solution to have a good profitability. On the other hand, they participate in the destruction of the soil , in the pollution of the environment and in the degradation of our health .

In organic and biodynamic agriculture , natural fertilizers such as horn dung or herbal preparations are used . The very committed winegrowers proclaim it loud and clear, to have healthy and quality grapes , they must be maintained with respect. The organic label (AB) and those of biodynamic wines (demeter, biodyvin) impose precise specifications which guide winegrowers towards a culture of the vine and a healthier vinification . The doses of authorized sulphites are clearly lower than those of conventional wines , we use indigenous yeasts rather than selected yeasts and we authorize much less inputs . A wine with less sulfites will give you less headaches later. You will think of us for your next after parties ;)

Terroirs and grape varieties are honored in natural wines , organic wines and biodynamic wines . At Oé, we love to rediscover the typicality of a wine and the history of the vineyard from the first sip. Organic wine is a bit like your friend who doesn't have his tongue in his pocket, he's straightforward and unfiltered.

Immerse yourself in the philosophy of biodynamics with this article.

To give you healthy pleasures, we therefore advise you to favor products from organic farming .

Discover our selection of organic red wine, organic rosé wine and organic white wine . Enjoy good tastings with friends with our Vaucluse Principality of Orange , our Côtes-du-Rhône , our Corbières , our Bordeaux , our Languedoc and our Méditerranée de Provence . All certified good and organic .

If you want to know more about the oxidation and conservation of an opened bottle, we wrote an article on it right there.

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