Mangeons bien, mangeons mieux, mangeons durable

Eat well, eat better, eat sustainably

90% of French people say that food plays an important role in their lives, both individually and collectively. Obviously, these kinds of figures do not fly. It is not for nothing that one of the most widespread stereotypes about the French is that they like to eat well, drink well and above all, enjoy it.

And yet, more than 8 million French people survive thanks to food aid and 20% of agricultural households live below the poverty line (1,102 euros per month in 2022). Knowing that the average French student has a budget that oscillates between 635€ and 1000€ depending on where he lives, it is difficult to understand how a country for which “eating well” is so important, can leave so much of the population in real food difficulty . Because yes, beyond the budget that we can allocate to our shopping, there is the concern of what we can buy with it. And where do these products come from that we can afford.

let's eat well

According to our culture, our origins, our childhood and probably also our generation, the term “eating well” will never mean the same thing . However, we can all determine what eating well is not. If I had to guess the first thing that comes to mind, I would probably say “fast food”, “pizza” and “too oily and too salty” - so? am I guessing?

fortune teller

If we had to explain it as simply as possible, we would say that not eating well is not eating balanced . So neither too greasy, nor too salty, nor too sweet. But rather 5 fruits and vegetables a day, a source of protein (animal or vegetable), a little starch (pasta, rice, bread, potatoes, etc.), fruits and dried vegetables as a bonus [ and a small piece of of chocolate ]

So far nothing surprising, it is the typical meal that we have been presented with since childhood. But you not only have to be able to afford to buy all this diversity of products - especially for a family - and also have the time to buy and prepare it. Because yes, this list does not include the mentions “ fresh products ” or “ unprocessed products ”, but they are implied. Buying a ready-made dish that contains all of these elements does not fit into the “eating well” category. Why ? Because it is too salty, sweet and fatty of course!

But tell that to a parent who has to juggle full-time work schedules and raising kids. Every minute counts, we know that...

It is sometimes difficult to have diversity on the plate . But it's also difficult to have things on the plate at all. Processed products have the advantage of being cheaper, simpler, and all the other adjectives already mentioned on this subject. However, only 1 in 3 French people eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day according to the latest figures from Interfel .

Conclusion, for a country that is so famous for its great gastronomy and its love of “good food”, the French are far from being the best fed.

let's eat better

“Better” does not mean “perfect” . That doesn't mean you can't splurge here and there by eating a little love bar - aka chocolate at my place🍫

"Mieux" is a name that speaks of evolution more than change. One that's as good for your body as it is for your mind. Here, we are not trying to convince you to follow a new miracle diet; we try to put our finger on all the things we can do individually to change our food consumption habits globally; as a society.

Already, it starts by taking into account the stage of life in which we are. An infant does not have the same needs as a teenager, or an adult - even if, at any age, snacking is sacred! You have to eat diversified , balanced and in the right quantities .

If you ever don't know where to start, we suggest you take a short visit to the Manger Bouger website because it is very well done and gives many good habits according to age groups and your budget.

By the way, we take this opportunity to remind you that a healthy diet does not replace regular physical exercise.

Let's Eat Sustainable

We finally touch on the main subject, the one that is most important to us.

After eating well and eating better, you can choose to eat sustainably.

Durable - adj . 1. Of a nature to last a long time, which presents a certain stability, a certain resistance 2. Which takes into account the future of the planet.

To be sure that our food is sustainable, we must:

  • ensure that all actors in the sector can survive over time .
  • ensure that the planet can keep up with the rate of production that is imposed on it to obtain the final product.
  • ensure that the product is good for our health , whether we are small or large - of course there are differences between ages, but overall what is not good for us at 3 years old probably will not be not at 30 either.

The first step on this list starts with awareness. That every penny that is not paid by the consumer is lost for the producer. And not for the distributor (eg Carrefour, System U, Monoprix, Cora). So choosing ultra discount, or very inexpensive, is potentially preventing a producer from living decently.

Did you know ? The average salary of an agricultural producer in France is €1,400 for all agricultural production combined. The lowest average is €900 for beef producers, for 12-hour days, 7 days a week, every day of the year. You don't have to be a math whiz to see the bug.
The second joins everything that is said and defended at Oé. Our dear blue planet is our mother earth. No technology or innovation can replace it. So taking care of it is as vital as it is necessary.

The third is a no-brainer if you've gotten to this point in the article.

In the end, eating well and better also involves allowing others to do the same. Ensure that everyone finds their way by buying products that take into account everyone's fair remuneration . For that, no need to ruin yourself, on the other hand it is necessary to legislate!

This is why, in February 2022, and other committed companies in the food sector came together to launch The Sustainable Eat Movement! Beyond this ultra catchy and super well thought-out name (oversized ego you say?), there is a real project whose goal is to highlight the work of our campaigns, and the health of our planet. This project translates into “ 12 proposals for building a resilient agricultural model and healthy food accessible to all ”.

But who do we offer all this to?

To our political decision-makers, our parliamentary deputies. Indeed, in France, you have to be elected to parliament or be part of the government to be able to propose a law. But that doesn't mean they're the only ones with good ideas. Everyone can find a solution that would improve the daily life of the French to submit it to everyone's eyes, and so can we!

Gif Joey in Friends

All together, with the teams Oé, La Fourche , L'école Comestible , Le Ruche qui dit Oui , Rutabago , Biomede and Bio Demain , we wrote a bill which is built around 6 major projects:

  • Drastically reduce dependence on pesticides
  • Ensuring a fair price from farm to fork
  • Guarantee the consumer transparent and reliable information
  • Educate from an early age on a healthy and sustainable diet
  • Improve animal welfare and increase plant protein production

Our goal is to bring together as many companies as possible, to talk about it around us, to our loved ones, our communities, our ecosystems. All together, we will have the weight and the visibility necessary to attract the attention of the government and of those who vote the rules of our society. Together, we will change things.

So if you are as motivated and convinced as we are by this proposal, do not hesitate to share it with your loved ones, to talk about it over a glass (of wine Oé for example 👀), to share on your networks the posts of the movements . Each additional person behind our project is an additional chance to fulfill the promise of healthy nutrition for the entire population while respecting the living.

For the final word, we also wanted to mention the sustainable food collective organized by Too Good Too Go and other French food players. Their goal is also to push our President and our leaders to legislate in favor of sustainable food. The more we want to change things, the further we will go!

The proof, Céline has never been happy all by herself ...

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