Top 8 des chansons qui parlent de vin

Top 8 songs about wine

Wine seduces, and many artists have been inspired by this elixir. At Oé, we have selected the best statements made in song!

1. Wine — George Brassens (1957)

Impossible not to place in our top this monument of the song. A bit melancholic, this song is full of references.

2. I'm under — Claude Nougaro (1964)

Concentrated games on the rhythm of words, this song was released in 1964 on a 33 lap. A great jazz lover, Claude Nougaro applied himself throughout his career to exercising an unusual mixture of poetry and rhythm. This offers us an unusual song.

3. Summer wine—Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood (1967)

Originally written and sung by Lee Hazlewood with Suzi Jane Hokom in 1966, it was a duet with Nancy Sinatra that this song would be a huge success a year later. It marked their first great success and was the beginning of a long cooperation. A sparkling and fresh song, used by the H&M brand for their 2017 summer campaign.

4. Ah the little white wine — Lina Margy (1964)

Covered the same year as “Je suis sous…” by Claude Nougaro by Lina Margy, “Ah le petit vin blanc actually dates from 1943. Originally composed as a waltz musette, the song refers to the town of Nogent-sur- Marne which proclaims itself "the city of small white wine".

5. Scenes from an italian restaurant — Billy Joel (1977)

“A bottle of white, a bottle of red, perhaps a bottle of rosé instead?”

6. Wine in the afternoon — Franz Ferdinand (2006)

The song is so cool, just like Franz Ferdinand. Finally, that's all you need to take a breather when you get home from work!

7. Red red wine—Neil Diamond (1968)

This song was taken over and over again, notably by Tony Tribe, but especially by UB40 who really revealed it to the public in the late 80s. Calmer, sadder too, we prefer its original version written by Neil Diamond. in 1968.

“Red, red Wine, go to my head

Make me forget that I, still need her so”

8. Old red wine—The Who (2004)

Already because it's The Who, and then because we let ourselves be totally carried away by this song. We can already imagine ourselves with friends, on a summer evening, with a good glass of wine in hand.

Little bonus for bubble lovers: Jacques Higelin “Champagne”

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