Oé, découvrez notre cuvée de Crémant Oé

Oé, discover our Crémant Oé cuvée

It's them, Mickaël and Stéphane! The winegrowers of our first Crémant d'Alsace that it is important to us to present to you. To reveal a part of the secret, this is not the first time that the Oé team has worked with them (and yes, you have already tasted one of their cuvées in our old organic wine box 2 years ago) . Let's go for a meeting full of effervescence!

Crémant Oé organic wine

I discover the crémant

Mickaël and Stéphane, winegrowers in organic farming

Mickaël and Stéphane took over the vines from their parents in 1995. 4th generation of the family on the estate, the two brothers are proud to continue the work created by their great-grandfather, Antoine Moltès, in 1930. The 27 hectares of vines are organically farmed .

Stéphane and Mickael Moltès, Oé winegrowers

The work of the vineyard and the cellar

With the Oé team, we met them from the end of May to the beginning of June, and the two young winegrowers were in the vineyards. It is at this time that the flowers sprout and that the winegrowers must be vigilant so that the vine shoots do not fall to the ground. The vine is a vine, it needs points of attachment so as not to fall with the wind and the bad weather. A twig can grow between 1 and 2 cm per day at this time, it's very fast. During this time, they pass through the vines to make sure that the branches do not break if there is a storm.

In the cellar, it was the end of aging with bottling of wine. This is also the time to empty the barrels to make room for the future harvest which will arrive two months later. They have been harvesting at the end of August for two years in a row. They start with the crémants, and around September 10, they bring in the first pinots: early Pinot blanc and Pinot gris. The trend is for the harvest to be done earlier: 10 years ago, no winegrowers started before September 20. There are between 15 days and 3 weeks in advance at the moment.

In July, they complete the care of the vines, scrape the soil a little to remove the weeds. They do not use organic herbicides and work hard to avoid competition between grass and vines. Otherwise, the grass sucks up all the water that falls, and periods of severe drought in June, July and August are difficult to manage. The goal is for the vines to be served with water first.

Each season has a very specific job. You just can't put off until tomorrow what needs to be done right away. They watch their vines closely and surround themselves with the right people to move quickly.

Perpetual wonder in the vineyards

Mickaël: “What amazes me is the eternal renewal of nature, the vegetation that comes back to life after winter. It's been a good month since it started to bud. See the growth of vegetation, insects and birds returning to their habits. That is what is magnificent. We observe the blackbirds starting to make their nests again, the lizards coming out as soon as there is a ray of sunshine to bask in the pill (laughs)...”

Le Crémant, the first organic sparkling wine from Oé

Crémant is a sparkling wine produced by Michaël and Stéphane in the heart of Alsace in Pfaffenheim. It is very easy to drink as an aperitif. Refined, it is also an ideal reception wine. Its discreetly fruity freshness also enhances gastronomic encounters throughout the meal: aperitif or dessert, seafood, white meats and cheeses with flowery rinds such as camembert or brie.

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characteristics of crémant

Crémant in a box of 6 organic wines for the holidays

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christmas box

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