Oé déploie ses engagements avec la nouvelle gamme Le bien par le bon.

Oé deploys its commitments with the new Le bien par le bon range.

the good by the good

Promoting sustainable viticulture and benevolent consumption: our mission.

At Oé, what stimulates us is our daily commitment and a great consistency between all our actions which allow you to find Oé wines on your tables. A commitment that has been present since the creation of the wines with the winegrowers in their production of organic, vegan, zero pesticides wine up to zero waste within operations - in which the deposit plays a fundamental role - and in our daily processes .
We have come a long way already and we notice that the more we grow (in both senses of the term) in our commitments, the more we see the path that remains to be crossed.

We have seen the magic that winegrowers use, by recreating a favorable ecosystem, to produce wines without pesticides . We have seen that the deposit, which we were told was impossible, finally works and changes the situation in terms of ecology. Today, we are working on completely zero waste operations, again a first in wine. It is these commitments that motivate us and that we want to deploy.

Democratize organic and deposit

We started the Oé adventure with committed men and women, partners and suppliers: bulk, organic, zero-waste grocery stores, a few restaurants that quickly closed with the health crisis.
80% of wines are purchased in supermarkets
However, 80% of wines are purchased from the major distribution players. What questioned us at Oé. Do we really have to be marketed to them? Our response was in line with our values: impact and change are achieved by promoting organic and "beyond organic" to people in the place where they are used to consuming: mainly in large distribution.

We have therefore built a new range, different and dedicated, to offer this community of customers a way to grow in their commitments. This new range is called " Le bien par le bon ".

Good through good : a new range of wine, complementary to Oé

"Good through good" sums up our mission . Entrepreneurship is a very good lever for responding to societal challenges. We believe that through good wine, we can " do good ", add our stone to the building and contribute to changing consumption habits. Our new range therefore takes the name of our mission and baseline . These two complementary ranges are the means we are creating to meet our mission.

Le bien par le bon wines are other wines , with different volumes, always worked with winegrowers, committed to organic by conviction. And like the Oé range, they are organic and zero pesticides.

Two complementary ranges and a single mission

This new range contributes to our mission: to promote sustainable viticulture and benevolent consumption . It too will actively contribute to the return of biodiversity to the vineyard - we devote 1% of our turnover to the Oé Program for biodiversity . Good through good also reinforces all the commitments that make Oé a B Corp company and a Company with a Mission .


For simplicity

Oé is launching a new range, dedicated to mass distribution . It serves the same mission: to promote sustainable viticulture and benevolent consumption. Le bien par le bon wines are complementary to Oé wines and come from new partnerships with organic winegrowers.
The Oé team is very pleased to present these Le bien par le bon wines. An exciting new chapter is opening for us and with you.

Let us all continue to engage, where we are, at our level, to confront the status quo. Let us be eager to do good.
Thomas, co-founder of Oé.

New Oé range: Good through good

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