Oé dévoile sa nouvelle bouteille en collaboration avec l'artiste franco-polonaise Sonia Dubois

Oé unveils its new bottle in collaboration with French-Polish artist Sonia Dubois

As you know, with the Oé team, we like to highlight committed artists and rethink our bottles of organic wine for the occasion. This year, we are celebrating biodiversity with Sonia Dubois. The art, the birds, the know-how of Sonia come to life through these bottles.

Biodiversity at the heart of Oé collaborations

The infinity of biodiversity, its beauty and its complexity. Putting biodiversity at the heart of our actions and discussions. Campaigning for a world that protects the essentials: the animals, the insects, the trees that make the world go round.

This is our sixth and final collaboration. It continues in line with our awareness for the preservation of biodiversity.

Twelve bottles to campaign for biodiversity

We thought 12 bottles. All different. 12 is a sublime number, a perfect number. It is also the number of time and space. It evokes the 12 months of the year, the solar cycle and the hours of day and night.

Through this collaboration, we want to amaze you, to make you aware of the beauty of biodiversity. The beauty she puts in our hearts, what she brings to the planet.

Twelve bottles of Oé x Sonia Dubois

Passing the torch for a more sustainable world

With these bottles, we offer you an experience: that of passing the torch, of sowing seeds with your loved ones during the end-of-year celebrations to make our commitments bud and grow.

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