Campagne Miimosa

Oé gives you the Mi-iMOSA

Spring , the flowers , the little birds and the ray of sunshine between the curtains on the face of the morning are back - ahhh it feels good!

Nature flourishes and we are delighted to be privileged witnesses of its work when we visit the vineyards of the Oé winegrowers. Moreover, during our last epic, we went to meet Pascal and Nicolas, these two winegrower brothers from the Bordeaux region who work in their family estate. Thanks to their passion and dedication, you can enjoy an organic white Bordeaux all year round to capsize the soul - Thank you who? Thank you Pascal and Nico!

It is always a pleasure to maintain privileged contact with the winegrowers who are committed on a daily basis to enhancing their terroir by making good organic wines , concerned about the environment and sustainable consumption . But we have to admit, we are also little secretive, we had a little idea in mind...

Discover Pascal and Nico's campaign

We will explain everything to you !

As you may know, almost a year ago, we launched our first Miimosa campaign to support Franck and Véro in their desire to develop an agroforestry project in their vineyard. Thanks to you, mission accomplished! We achieved our goal and work began in early 2022. They were also able to install bat nesting boxes at the four corners of the vines.

The result in pictures

Agroforestry hedgerowsFranck and Véronique with birdhouses

And since we loved setting up this project with Franck and Véro (and with you), we're doing it again this year with Pascal and Nicolas .

On the program : nesting boxes, hedges, an abundance of biodiversity…and baby goats from the Pyrenees! 🐐

Like last year, the Oé Biodiversity Program is partnering with MiiMOSA and EcoFarms to make dreams of revived biodiversity a reality.


MiiMOSA, you know?

MiiMOSA is the crowdfunding platform dedicated to the agricultural and food transition. They have made it their mission to rebuild the bridge between agriculture and society as a whole so that everyone can participate in the evolution of tomorrow's world in their own way.

After more than 5000 projects financed and 80 million euros collected for the service of the transition, it is the turn of Pascal and Nicolas to finance their project thanks to the solidarity and humanity of each and everyone who will participate in this campaign.

MiiMOSA logo

Does EcoFarms speak to you?

EcoFarms is a platform for evaluating and sharing agricultural CSR performance . It facilitates the responsible management and communication of companies in the agricultural world. As with any business, the agricultural world needs support to implement an action plan towards more sustainable agriculture . EcoFarms brings its stone to the building by giving certain answers following a reliable and universal analysis of the exploitation.

Eco Farms Logo

At Pascal and Nico, the soil and estate analysis process lasted about 4 months. During this period, EcoFarms has set up a methodology for evaluating the sustainability of farms, reliable and global, which makes it possible to measure , structure , accelerate and enhance the approach of each winegrower in his field for a more sustainable agriculture. Following this analysis, EcoFarms sends recommendations to winegrowers.

Here is what Pascal and Nicolas received at the end of their evaluation :

EcoFarms Assessment

As you can see, the operation of the two brothers is already positioning itself as being more sustainable than most of the other operations in their area. That doesn't stop them from wanting to go further by starting some of EcoFarms' recommendations on how they can improve.

Discover Pascal and Nico's campaign

Pascal and Nicolas, Oé winegrowers, in a nutshell

Passionate and precursors .

That's it, we don't need to tell you more, I'm sure you're already convinced :)

No ? - Okay, I'll tell you a bit more...

Once upon a time there were two brothers who grew up in the world of wine. After seeing their parents, and their grandparents before them, work in the vineyards all year round to produce a quality wine that will delight the taste buds of anyone tasting it, the two brothers were thirsty for more distant adventures and are each went to one side of the world to gain experience and expand their knowledge of wine marketing. After a few years, homesickness reached Pascal who decided to go back to basics to take over the family estate. The one where he had grown up and nurtured all these dreams of sustainable viticulture and more respectful of the environment. It was there that he undertook the conversion of the Boissonneau vineyard towards certification in organic farming . Ten years later, he can claim victory because his hard work has paid off: organic, pesticide-free grapes that make a most delicious white Bordeaux .

And now it's Nicolas' turn to join the family business to contribute. From now on, the two brothers are working hand in hand to find innovative and creative solutions to go beyond organic, first alone…then with their new partner: - ouii c'est nous!

Together, we would like to promote the biodiversity of the estate by:

  • Preparing the ground to plant 100 m of agroforestry hedges - a bit like the one at Franck and Véro.
  • Installing 10 nesting boxes for bats whose favorite snack is the grape worm, a species of butterfly that is devastating to the vines.
  • Building a sheepfold to house 5 goats from the Pyrenees and 10 sheep from the Landes who will be happy to graze on all the grass in the vineyard - they are sheep in the end.

And all that for the modest sum of 5500 € - in any case it will be modest if we all put our stone to the building...

MiiMOSA campaign budget

Nobody talks about it better than Pascal, so we let him speak.

Discover Pascal and Nico's campaign

So ! The end of this story is in your hands - literally…your mouse is in your hands to click on this link and find out more about the campaign.

PS: if you're still not convinced, take my auntie at her word, she's always right.

Message from favorite aunt

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