Podcast Oé x Mantra : créer une marque cohérente avec ses valeurs

Podcast Oé x GrowthMakers: creating a brand consistent with its values

A few months ago, Thomas our co-founder was interviewed by the GrowthMakers team. The subject ? How to create a brand consistent with its values.


Growthmakers is the podcast that gives the best methods of the top 1% of the hottest startups . Gabriel's goal is to offer quickly actionable levers to offer to his community. Since its launch, this podcast has had more than one million plays , is rated 5 out of 5 with 617 reviews on iYunes and has been declared the #1 management podcast on the Apple Podcast platform.

In each of the episodes, Gabriel reviews the marketing strategies of the most beautiful startups. This weekly meeting with Marketing Directors allows you to stock up on good practices for companies wishing to develop.

On the menu, many entrepreneurs such as Jérémy Goillot Head of Growth of Spendesk , Stan the VP Sales of Intercom , Jean-Charles and Kevin of Alan , Jonathan the COO of Aircall , Enzo Avigo of N26 , Hakim Zerhouni of Shine , Jean Moreau from Phenix , and many others who have played the game to share their best Growth Hacking tools, and give feedback on what has worked for them.

On the commercial side, the GrowthMakers podcast released its baby: the podcast " In the arena " very well known to young dynamic executives of startups.

Learn more about Thomas, co-founder of Oé

After working in the L'Oréal group for 6 years and a 1-year experience at Danone, Thomas co-founded Oé, the committed organic wine brand with Fx. For him, entrepreneurship is a major lever for being a player in the challenges of our society.

He was cited by Les Echos magazine as one of the entrepreneurs who want to change the world .

During the exchange, Thomas and Gabriel talked about:

• how Oé signed two contracts worth ten thousand euros before launching our Oé wines
• how we found our values ​​as a committed brand
• our hack to collect a database of 600 emails before launching
• why we bet on SEO from the start, and the results we obtained


To find yourself in the episode, it's here:

  • 02:41: Why we created our wine brand and how we recruited our first customers (acquisition channels, SEO, social networks, etc.)
  • 08:55: The 3 B2B and B2C KPIs we follow
  • 10:19 am: Why we decided to go B2B and stop box subscriptions
  • 12:05: How we went from 2 to 7 employees
  • 13:42: How we created a brand in line with our values
  • 17:45: How we were going growth and ethics
  • 8:12 p.m.: SEO: 70% of our acquisitions
  • 10:05 p.m .: The two hacks that performed well: 600 emails via a petition and signing contracts before launching our wines
  • 28:20: Thomas' favorite book, his newsletters, his advice
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