Pourquoi on ouvre Le Bar Oé ?

Why did we open Bar Oé?

Big news! This week we opened Bar Oé at 9 rue Ginoux in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. We couldn't be more excited. It's a project that we've had in mind for a long time, and we're thrilled to see the dream finally become a reality.

Why did we decide to open a bar? Trust us, we had a lot of reasons. Most of all, we couldn't think of a better adventure to start together.


Chris et Jean au Bar Oé


Since we founded Oé, we've wanted to reduce the distance between us and our customers. Sure, sometimes we exchange emails and occasionally we meet up at events. But we believe in building deeper and longer-lasting connections.

Winemaking itself is built on relationships, and wine is often at the center of our most special moments. Where there's wine, there's love, laughter and tears, often time with family and friends, and even proposals. We wanted to share more of these experiences together.

A space with a 1000 possibilities

Our vision is to make Bar Oé a true meeting place. With a guest list of charities and change-makers, plus a program of concerts and events, there’ll always be someone fascinating to meet. You can also expect regular speakers and workshops raising awareness of climate change and biodiversity. Bar Oé is not just a space dedicated to wine, but a space in which we can grow, reflect and challenge ideas together.

We're lucky enough to be at the intersection of so many brilliant thinkers and innovators, among them winemakers, start-ups and scientists. We see it as our role to bring everyone together.


Le Bar Oé


Putting new ideas into practice

You might know that Oé wines are sold in restaurants across France, among other retailers. Yet all too often we're still told that reusable bottles don't work, that going zero-waste is too complicated, that organic is too expensive and that the idea of “local” doesn’t apply in big cities.

At Bar Oé, we want to counter this limited thinking head-on. Putting our own philosophy into practice, we’re setting out to be the spark that ignites change.

We want to to prove that it's possible to create a bar at the heart of Paris that’s zero waste and fully organic, partnering with other certified B Corp companies as much as possible. Essentially, we want to create a bar as regenerative as our wines.

It's going to take a lot of hard work and the learning curve might be steep, but we’re well on our way, improving and growing every day.



Learning as we go

As we build a vertical brand, overseeing every aspect of our wines from production to distribution, we want to be present from start to finish.

Opening Bar Oé will enable us to learn much faster. We’ll be able to find out which wines are popular and which less so, continuously learning as we test new ideas together. The team are truly passionate about this opportunity and the speed at which it will allow us to better understand what you like to drink.

A culture of service

A great bar is nothing without great people. Since we launched Oé, we've been marked by the importance of the values and spirit of our team. It’s with trust and kindness that we’ll make progress over time. We often reflect on the joy we share working here, but we’ll never take it for granted.

We're delighted to have found a location for the bar at the Esteem Paris Tour Eiffel. The Esteem team want to transform the hospitality business for the better: a concept that resonates with all of us at Oé.

In this space, we also hope to introduce you to new, trailblazing and innovate brandsoften B Corp like ourselveswith whom we’ll be able to bring about lasting change.



Growing together

We're very fortunate to have a strong culture, driven by our purpose and mission to "do good by doing well”.

Together we can do even more. Your feedback, your suggestions for improvements, your ideas for what we might do differently: every little detail makes a difference, and we’ll do our utmost to put your suggestions into practice. 

The team and I are really excited about this new chapter. We look forward to seeing you at Bar Oé, our new home at 9 rue Ginoux in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. Come and have a drink with us, discover a new wine (or two) and take a minute to share your feedback.

Thank you for putting your trust in us on this adventure.

- Thomas and the Oé team



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