Rencontre avec Franck et Véronique Terral

Meeting with Franck and Véronique Terral

At 25, they decided to buy their estate and produce their wine organically. Meeting with Franck and Véronique!

How would you describe yourself?
We are passionate, we like meeting people and sharing good times with our friends and loved ones.

How did you come to the vineyard?
Franck : We met Véronique at agricultural school. ️My parents were not winegrowers and I came here because I had a real approach to nature. My uncle was a winegrower and I spent the holidays with him; that's where I started working in the vineyard!

Véronique : My father sold wine but he was not a winegrower. Then when I arrived at the agricultural school, I liked it and I wanted to continue in it.

What is the history of the Castle ?
V : At the start of the adventure, we tried to buy a few hectares of vines to produce our wine. We quickly realized that it was a lot of work!

F: We were 25 at the time and we thought we knew a lot of things but when we look today, I see that we have learned a lot! ( laughs ) So we visited 4 or 5 properties, we wanted to find a place where we can make a good wine with a very good terroir. We bought this estate in 2006, in which there had been wine for 60 years. It's an Estate with a lot of restoration work to do: we almost started from scratch here.

What makes you get up in the morning ?
V: Working for yourself is motivating!
F: We have this chance to choose our schedules and our activities. We have the chance to do what we want!

- Why did you choose to be organic?
V: The domain was already organic when we bought it, we really wanted to continue. At school and in our internships, we were never told about organic. As a result, the first 4 years, a technician was our organic consultant, followed and accompanied us. It quickly became obvious for us to be in organic farming !

- In 3 words, how is your wine characterized?

We make fairly light and fruity red wines. It goes with everything! It is an everyday wine, which should be avoided with dishes that are too strong in sauce. It is a blend of 60% Merlot, 20% Cabernet, 20% Malbec, the Merlot will bring this light, silky and fruity side. The Cabernet will bring structure to the wine and the Malbec will give spicy flavors.

- What are the Domain's projects?
One of our projects is to look into the question of Biodynamics. We are going to put things in place in this direction at the level of the vineyard. We also have to expand the buildings because we are running out of storage space. We also have the idea of making a gîte next to the estate!

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