Rencontre avec la boutique Zéro Déchet et responsable Les Glaneuses

Meeting with the Zero Waste shop and Les Glaneuses manager

The Gleaners , you know? It's Jennifer and Miléna's pretty zero waste and bulk grocery store! We tell you more about this beautiful adventure right here 😉

Can you tell me about your Les Glaneuses grocery store in a few sentences?

"We imagined a place of resilience around zero waste, not to make it a concept, but really a place to live and a place of responsible consumption . We wanted to open up dialogue with customers, and improve the processes with the suppliers. We really want this mode of consumption to be democratized and accessible to all . This is why we strive to make a careful selection of our products, as local as possible, with affordable prices and in individuals on basic necessities.

As soon as we can do it again, we would like to offer the opportunity to come and have a coffee, snack on some delicacies while training in zero waste thanks to the many books we have available to customers.

What was the click that pushed you to set up your grocery store?

"We no longer felt in our place in the supermarkets in our neighborhoods, we did not find meaning in the products on offer: they came from afar, from agriculture or manufacturing that did not respect humans and nature, often overpacked and with dubious compositions. We met through eco-friendly networks and quickly imagined this place where we could offer our customers good products while explaining to them where they come from, how they were made, in what perspective of sustainability. And feeling in tune with its consumption. it is the desire to share all these beliefs that led us to create Les Glaneuses ."

Why organic? What are your commitments? 

"Often, organic is the first vector of consumer confidence. It is organic that will lead them to take an interest in the rest. The craftsmen with whom we work have a real love of their land, their terroir and their their products, a bit like you and Oé wines. This often results in virtuous production methods for the environment , and therefore organic. But as we also favor local products a lot, we work with a few farmers in Île-de-France who are in conversion and we are proud to accompany them in their transitions.

The other commitments revolve around waste reduction : we only work with producers who, like us, believe in reuse rather than single use and who work with deposits . All our glass containers at the grocery store are returnable to be collected, cleaned and reused."


For you, what is a good wine? And what are your favorite wines? 

"Above all, we love wines that have a story! Those from Oé all tell a story about a terroir or a family of enthusiasts. Jennifer likes light red wines more and Miléna dry white wines :)"

Why did you choose Oé organic wines?

"For the respect of the producers , the transparency of the productions and of course, the reuse of its containers."

What is your long-term ambition?

“We would love to have our own brand of sustainable and zero waste products and also to have a field where we could grow our own plants!”

What is the thing you are most proud of?

"Our intransigence in the selection of our partners. We make no concessions if the supplier or producer does not meet the specifications that we have set ourselves: quality, deposit, locality and without packaging. We are proud to be able to offer our customers a peace of mind in their act of purchase. This is the - somewhat forgotten - job of the merchant: to ensure a quality product for his customer . This is really what we strive to do on a daily basis."

How do you help your customers to consume better and engage?

"Through dialogue, a lot of people who walk through the door of Les Gleaners are not converted to zero waste or organic , but all are curious. We love to exchange ideas, have small debates which sometimes grow with several customers who join the conversation! What we like is always to go further with the converts and plant a small seed among the "novices" who, for sure, will grow over time."

What would you like to say to those who read us to help them take another step for the environment?

" The best waste is the one we don't produce . It's not always easy because the bulk / deposit offer is not yet widespread enough for our taste, but every little effort counts :)"

If you want to know more about this beautiful shop, don't hesitate to take a look at their site ! Find all our partner points of sale on our map and write to us at if you have a favorite grocery store, restaurant or wine merchant to recommend;)

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