Notre rencontre avec Oc'Consigne

Meeting with Oc'Consigne, our consignment partner in eastern Occitania

This week, we present to you our partner Oc Consigne in the east of Occitanie , to learn more about the collection and washing of our bottles . And it's Sophie, its communication manager, who explains everything to us, let's go!

Logo of Oc'Consigne

Credit (c): Oc' Consigne

Hello, can you introduce Oc'Consigne in a few words?

Oc'Consigne is a cooperative and participatory company that works in the reuse of glass packaging (and in particular bottles ) in eastern Occitania . Our mission is threefold:

  • We educate consumers and professionals about reuse,
  • We support all professionals, in particular producers and distributors, who wish to embark on reuse and as simple as possible,
  • The bottles and glass containers collected are collected, washed and put back into circulation locally .

At the same time, we are working on the creation of a washing plant which will be set up in 2022 around Montpellier.”

Why did you want to set up Oc'Consigne?

“Oc'Consigne was born from the desire to contribute, in our own way, to a more sustainable world, by developing a green and virtuous economic activity that allows a return to common sense and to practices that have a more positive impact on the environment. environment . The best waste is the one we don't produce... and that's good because, thanks to reuse , glass bottles and jars are no longer waste but resources.

Today we are 3 women with complementary skills and experiences: Anne-Claire Degail the agronomist who coordinates the project, Armonie Cordier the logistician who optimizes our rounds and myself, Sophie Graziani-Roth the communicator who highlights our progress. .

Several hirings are planned soon, especially on the technical part and the factory. We would need a lot of skills but you have to know how to move forward cautiously.”

The Oc'Consigne team

From left to right, Armonie, Anne-Claire and Sophie.

Credit (c): Oc' Consigne

How does the deposit and reuse of bottles work at Oc'Consigne?

“At Oc'Consigne, we want it to be as simple as possible for stores and producers. We have created collection equipment to simplify the work and communication kits to better promote the bottles in stores.

We did not want to impose the monetary deposit because we found that this could be an obstacle for the stores to commit to it. This was all the less necessary at the start as the majority of our collection points were organic stores or bulk stores.

At the same time, we are working to soon have large surfaces in collection points and in this type of store which welcomes consumers who are sometimes less eco-responsible, the monetary deposit will be offered from the start to encourage this virtuous gesture.

Who collects and washes the bottles?

“For collection, it's us! Sometimes the producers themselves collect but in general we carry out our tours. For washing, for small volumes, we wash the glass bottles in our small washing unit in Lansargues. For large volumes, we go to Ma Bouteille s'appelle reviens in Drôme , while waiting for our washing plant to be operational next year.”

My bottle is called come back
The Ma Bouteille team is called come back with Thomas, our co-founder

How should consumers return the bottles once tasted?

“Consumers are asked to bring back their bottles simply rinsed, and without caps or caps.... and without cigarette butts inside.”

What is the positive impact of reusing bottles for the planet?

“The impact is very positive because reuse already makes it possible to reduce glass waste . Bottles are no longer systematically broken for recycling. Obviously, recycling is better than burying waste glass and tapping into natural resources to make new glass bottles , but recycling is an industrial process that uses a lot of water and energy. Reuse uses 4 times less energy and 2 times less water. In addition, our reused bottles are collected locally, washed within a radius of 200 km, which allows us to have an extremely positive carbon footprint.”

Which actors do you work with?

“Today we are in contact with more than 250 private and public partners. Several communities support us in the development of our activity. In addition, we already have 52 collection points to date and about fifteen producers with bottles suitable for reuse . Many others are transitioning to re-employment. We are also working with all our colleagues from the rest of France to allow a national relaunch of reuse, and ultimately, of the deposit.

Oc'Consigne's reusable lockers

Credit (c): Oc' Consigne

Do you have an anecdote to share with us about Oc'Consigne?

“A story that stood out to us dates back to last month when we held an awareness morning in a partner store. This allowed us to be in direct contact with customers of the store who were sometimes very enthusiastic! While the deposit was only launched in this store for 1 or 2 months, a customer arrived at the entrance of the store with a shopping cart full of empty, rinsed, tidy and pampered fruit juice bottles . This put a balm to our hearts. He told us that he only wanted to buy drinks offered in reusable bottles from now on !”

If you had to send a message to consumers, what would it be?

“Bottles have several lives, that's our baseline . Reuse , like many changes in habits, is the first step that is the most difficult, then it is finally quite simple. If you had to remember only one thing: locate the national reuse pictogram, and then simply bring these bottles back to your place of purchase!”

If you want to know more about Oc'Consigne, you can follow them here and on facebook , instagram and linkedin.

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