Notre partenaire Uzaje et le réemploi

Meeting with Uzaje, our partner lockers in Paris and Lille

This week, we present to you our partner locker in Paris and Lille Uzaje who has become B Corp since this month of November, to learn more about the collection and washing of our bottles. And it's Gonzague, one of its co-founders who explains everything to us, let's go!

Uzaje Logo

Credit (c): Uzaje

Hello, can you introduce Uzaje in a few words?

Uzaje helps its customers move away from single-use and towards reuse , which is much more virtuous for the planet. It is done in two forms: advice to facilitate the transition to reuse and washing. We cover the territory with industrial laundries to make reuse feasible.”

Why did you want to mount Uzaje?

“To provide a better and sustainable solution to current waste management and promote a circular economy . I was revolted by the sufficiency of our current solutions based mainly on burial and incineration. While researching, I saw, through the theory of the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), that there were much better ways of doing things like reusing. And lo and behold, the concept was born.

Today we are deploying our washing centers in France with the aim of quickly covering the territory.”

How did you become interested in reusing glass and since when?

"Since childhood ! My mom was a jam maker and reused jam jars. It was common sense. I'm on the border with Belgium so I see the deposit system continuing on a large scale near our home. So it didn't take much to get me even more interested in it."

Uzaje washes your bottles for reuse

Credit (c): Uzaje

How does the deposit and reuse of bottles work at Uzaje?

“We work à la carte in several ways. At a minimum, we receive bottles that we wash. We can also have a more complete approach where we do logistics, we provide equipment such as secondary packaging …”

Who collects and washes the bottles?

“For washing , we take care of everything. For the collection it is either us, our client or its service provider.”

How should consumers return the bottles once tasted?

“Without foreign bodies inside, ideally uncorked and of course intact. No need to rinse them, we take care of everything else.”

What is the positive impact of reusing bottles for the planet?

“Many studies have been carried out on this subject and all of them conclude that the system is more virtuous. In France, we save 33% water and 75% CO2 compared to recycling.”

Which actors do you work with?

"They are numerous ! Wine players like of course, but also brewers, juice and kombucha manufacturers, dairies, bulk players…”

Do you have an anecdote to share with us about Uzaje?

“I like discussing reuse with Oé because it's a common thought we've had for years. I was discussing bottle washing with Thomas, your co-founder, in early 2019 when Uzaje didn't exist and Oé didn't record. We were able to debate, exchange and move forward together on the subject. Pioneers like Oé have motivated us to move towards this new market.”

If you had to send a message to consumers, what would it be?

“Before you stop flying or buy an electric car, tomorrow you can be players in the transition with simple, high-impact gestures such as instructions , don't deprive yourself! ”

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