Rencontre avec Denis, vigneron Oé en Côtes du Rhône

Meeting with Denis, Oé winemaker in Côtes du Rhône

From his first job in California at the Côtes du Rhône Oé, you will discover a man who is passionate about his vines and who does more to respect our environment as much as possible.

What is your story as a winegrower?

- "I studied higher technician in viticulture and oenology then I left to work in California, to work in the cellars; I met my wife there! Back in France, I worked with my brother in his vineyard then I had the opportunity to recover my Uncle's land, near Visan".

What gets you up in the morning?

- "I am attracted by the passion for the land and the terroir. I am in the middle of my vines, alone in the middle of my property. We have magnificent hilly landscapes, it is rare that we have mist, we sees Mont Ventoux in the distance. I like being in my vineyards".

Why be organic?

- "Organic is because I realized that I had little disease pressure (oidium, mildew) and when you read the technical sheets of the treatment products, it's a little scary. So I wanted to switch to organic to use these products as little as possible. My reflection meant that when I switched from conventional to organic, I went from 50 to 35ha. The most difficult part of working organically is tillage, weeding entirely mechanical. We spend a lot more time in the vines, it's also a whole change of equipment to make. Looking back, I know how to do very well without inputs and I'm well below the authorized doses for copper and sulphur. But that is possible only by going regularly to your vineyards".

This wine, in 3 words, what is it?

- "I would say greedy in the material it has, fine because it has a good balance and terroir because the fact of working organically allows us to limit the external impact and to reflect the terroir all the better. "

Who do you drink it with? At what moment ? With what ?

- "I drink it with friends, as an aperitif, with white meats or small poultry."

What relationship do you have with your vines?

- "A good winegrower knows his terroir and each plot very precisely. We react differently with each of them, we spend time in our vines."

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