Devenez sportif de haut niveau cet été avec l'équipe Oé

Become a top athlete this summer with the Oé team

“Yes yes, I'll get to it tomorrow”, “I don't have time, I have to put my things away, do some cleaning, call Aunt Rosalie to give her some news….”

The list is long, we are all specialists in finding good excuses (me first!). So no more fractures of the left little toe, we'll help you (or at least make you want so much that you won't be able to resist) to get moving (and not En Marche, we don't want to cause controversy…).

We say yes to hiking

According to many different studies we are delighted to announce that by hiking:

1/ You will be happier and more relaxed

No more stress, everyday worries, when you walk, well... you walk.
So we take a deep breath and marvel at the nature that surrounds us. One can even wonder how to preserve this little gem.
At Oé, we have a thousand ideas for
how to change things on our own scale .

2/ You will be beautiful, muscular and healthy

If that's not great! The hike is accessible to everyone, whatever their level. Whether you're sharp like Usain Bolt or quietly strong like Winnie the Pooh, you'll find a way to love the sport.
And the icing on the cake (because we are all greedy at Oé) is that in addition to building muscle , you will improve your immune system . No no, you're not dreaming, plants and trees secrete molecules, phytoncides, which are very good for our immune system.

3/ Your creativity will be 50% higher than before

Well, not in a short one-hour hike, but after several days spent in nature (and without a phone of course) researchers from the University of Kansas and Utah showed that we would be more creative , and that we would find the answer to our problems more easily.

So for all the budding artists who are looking for inspiration for their next song: go for a hike!

Hey, I need ideas

Whether you're more Normandy or Italy (we promise the weather is the same, word of Normandy…), sea or mountain, we have plenty of ideas in our bag to offer you.

If you have a good week ahead of you and your calves are not super prepared to climb Mont Blanc, you can do the GR21 . 180 km of happiness on the edge of the cliffs between Le Havre (splendid city by the sea) and Le Tréport . Elected “French favorite GR®” in 2020, the landscapes are breathtaking!

If you are more the type to like sporting challenges , you can do the GR10 (or at least a bit). This GR connects the Atlantic (Hendaye) to the Mediterranean (Banyuls). To put it simply, you cross all the Pyrenees on foot , and that's very stylish! 55,000 m of elevation gain, breathtaking landscapes, a real return to nature.

Finally, if you don't have a vacation, you can do like us at Oé: a team hike ! In June, we had the chance to go for two days in the heart of nature in the Bauges massif by stopping in a refuge .
These two days of walking together, discussing, laughing, recharging one's batteries and marveling at nature have forged even stronger ties within Oé. And that is beautiful!

Of course, to enjoy your hikes even more, don't forget to leave with a bottle of Oé mini (it shouldn't be too heavy!) and a good local cheese.

A bike and it rolls!

If walking is not your thing, if you prefer to feel the fresh air blow your hair off like Bridget Jones in her convertible, we have a less polluting version of the convertible but just as breathtaking: the bike.

There are plenty of bike lanes in Europe (the eurovelos), you just have to take a map and choose your destination!

Good for health, from the first pedal strokes our body eliminates carbohydrates (sugars) then after 20 minutes, lipids (fat). After a cycling holiday you will feel energized and rested!

In addition to allowing you to have a summer body like you've never had, cycling is nature's best friend ! It allows you to see a lot of different landscapes without taking your car! So do like us at Oé, swap your Aston Martin for a nice bike (electric if you doubt the quality of your calves).

Ok, but where are we going?

A cycling route that you can only enjoy to spend the summer dreaming about is… the Vélodyssée . This cycle route starts in Brittany (Roscoff) and runs along the Atlantic coast to the Spanish border (Hendaye). 1300 km of cycling by the sea, and more than 80% of the journey is on car-free routes.*

*Small tip : I read in a specialized magazine that after a glass of Oé wine you pedal faster (at least it seems…). So don't hesitate any longer, saddle up!

Dare with Arkose

If you've always had a spider-man soul, and you easily follow sports “trends”, it's high time you started climbing !
Back in fashion a few years ago, climbing is an excellent sport for your health.
Behind the fun aspect that lies in climbing walls, climbing muscles the whole body , from the shoulders to the thighs, through the buttocks...

This sport allows you to burn a lot of calories and develop balance , flexibility and agility , just that!
You will also learn to manage your stress, keeping your cool to be as efficient as possible.

In addition to becoming a real model, you will be able to develop your cognitive functions. Your brains will be overheated to find every good hold to successfully scale this famous wall.
No more clichés that say you can't be beautiful AND smart.

And to link business with pleasure?

At Oé, we have a favorite place to combine climbing and well-being: Arkose .

Created at the end of 2013, Arkose has opened several climbing lofts and has values ​​that we really like: eco-responsibility, conviviality , accessibility and pleasure .

Their climbing rooms are all equipped with a “Canteen” where you can taste healthy, seasonal and local recipes. You will find there, among other things, our delicious Oé wines. A little advice to stay motivated: for each wall climbed, a small glass of Oé !

At Simone, we shine

And if you don't like walking, cycling or climbing… We have other ideas for you to take care of your body (you won't escape it!).

Fitness is a very complete sport that can be practiced without a lot of equipment (nor a lot of time). One morning, during your lunch break, one evening, there is no fixed schedule, it's up to you to create your routine.
Fitness will allow you to relax , work on your balance while building muscle .

If you need a framework, coaches and a community to motivate you to play sports, we have a place that we quite like: Chez Simone .

Chez Simone offers a set of sports programs designed to create your routine by varying the pleasures (fitness, pilates, yoga, etc.). The little extra is that during their various events, Chez Simone serves Oé wines to combine well-being and eco-responsible pleasure.

Finally, if after all that we have offered you, you are still not convinced, there is nothing better than to put on your sneakers and go for a run. Whether you're more on the banks of the Seine after working all day (courage) or jogging barefoot in the sand, playing sports is a real good thing!

Enjoy a large glass of white Bordeaux on the terrace and the holidays come to you!

The Oé team wishes you a great summer!

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