Statut d’entreprise, pourquoi on a changé avec l’équipe Oé

Company status, why we changed with the Oé team

A little over a year ago, we announced our pride in having become a company with a mission . Can't remember what a mission-driven business is? No worries, we'll get back to you quickly. A company with a mission adds a social and/or environmental objective to its statutes . These objectives are no longer secondary but become primary. This is the heart of the company's project, its reason for being, for living, for thinking, its life, its passion, the blood that runs in its veins, its lungs... I can stop there, I think. that you understood.

Last year our mission was to “promote sustainable agriculture and a benevolent way of consuming”. Nice mission you will tell me, but we chose to modify it, to go even further. Our new 2.0 mission is therefore to “ transform agriculture, consumption and business in the service of good” . Wow, that bangs! For this, we must change our habits in three areas: agriculture, consumption and business.

Sustainable agriculture

At Oé, sustainable agriculture speaks to us. We were shocked when at the beginning of our adventure we saw that the vine represents 4% of agriculture and 20% of pesticides. We are fighting to change that. To make things happen, we help our winegrowers to go beyond organic. Two years ago, we launched the Oé program for biodiversity . The program includes an analysis of the soils and the existing biodiversity in the vines of our winegrowers, advice on how to improve the quality of the soil, raising awareness among our winegrowers... To carry out this program, we devote 1% of our turnover to it. business . This money is used to analyze the soils of our winegrowers and to clean them up of heavy metals thanks to the Lyon startup Biomède .

We also call on EcoFarms, which will audit the vineyards and offer them solutions to improve their societal, economic and environmental performance.

And to finance these solutions, we are launching crowdfunding campaigns with MiiMOSA, which allows our winegrowers to implement the advice given by Ecofarms.
For example, our first MiiMOSA campaign was for Franck and Véro, winemakers in Pujols , who aimed to develop an agroforestry project in their vineyards.

We also launched a second MiiMOSA campaign for our Bordeaux winegrowers Pascal and Nicolas so that they can install bat nest boxes in their vines, plant hedges, and have Pyrenean goats.

good consumption

So that all our efforts concerning agriculture are not reduced to nothing, we must change habits in terms of consumption . We often hear that to save the planet we must stop consuming. But what if instead of depriving ourselves, and making us embittered people, we learned to consume better ?

This is why our mission at Oé is to educate our community, our winegrowers and our partners to change their consumption habits. We raise awareness on our social networks, by showing small daily gestures but also larger gestures such as putting the deposit back in place. At Oé, we are the first wine brand in France to have put the deposit back in place , and we are proud of it!
Thanks to Sonia, our amazing logistics manager, we are improving our operating methods day by day to move towards zero waste logistics , with reusable bottle racks, bottles placed in bulk in boxes…

At Oé, we fully support the circular economy by favoring the reuse and repair of damaged things. And you, does reuse speak to you?

A company at the service of good

If agriculture and consumption are good, all that's missing is business and the circle will be complete! Imagine, if you buy a good and responsible product, that your consumption is good but that the company which manufactured it is a horrible multinational which mistreats its employees… There is a slight problem.

This is why at Oé we do everything to ensure that our employees are more than happy to go to work every morning. And for that, we put in place many measures, I will give you a few small ones. Last year we set up the parental challenge which allows all parents to be able to link family and working hours . We also put in place various things to promote exchanges within the team, such as “special days” where we all open up about subjects that are important to us.

For the past year, we have had a great colleague with a disability. And it's so rewarding. Enriching because he teaches us as much as we teach him. Our exchanges are all the richer than simple and this brings us a lot of humility. Its integration was possible thanks to Adapei, an association which makes it possible to make the link between the ESATs and the companies.

We also work with ESATs when our bottle labels are damaged in order to replace them.

In short, as you will have understood, our new mission to “transform agriculture, consumption and business for good” pushes us even further in our commitments and that, we love it.

We will get back to you quickly to detail each part of our mission!

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