Un Noël simple, c’est quoi exactement ?

What exactly is a simple Christmas?

We all love the smell of hot chocolate that tickles our nostrils and the softness of blankets in front of a good movie… Or even mulled wine that warms our frozen fingers. We generally like all and all garlands (and sometimes the decoration). Yes you have understood it well, we are talking about Christmas!

This is the favorite time of winter for many of us. Generosity, reunion and sharing are the key words of these moments. But who says party, says artifice... we use-offer-factory lots of things that are not always necessary and which contribute to polluting our ecosystem.

And if this year we chose to do otherwise ?

Ready to decorate for the holidays?

This is the question we ask ourselves a lot with the team... But have we ever thought about the consequences of all these little decorations? Today, we give you some tips for having a nice and sustainable “eco” decoration!

• Reuse everyday objects to make your decorations . Bottles, jars, sand, candles… Anything can be used. Go for a walk in the forest and pick up everything that inspires you: branches, chestnuts, pods, bread apples; this will give a natural and seasonal side to your Christmas table. Here are some ideas to start , do not hesitate to let the artistic fiber that resonates in you speak!

Buy second-hand your decorations, put back decorations found in the attic and bring your old decorations to life by donating them in turn so that all these little garlands celebrate Christmas for eternity. Vinted , Geev , Leboncoin and many others will make you happy!

My beautiful Christmas tree… which respects the planet

And if in addition to being beautiful, it was good for the whole ecosystem. To bring the magic of Christmas into our homes, this is the centerpiece. And yet, it's no longer a secret that Christmas trees contribute to soil depletion and deforestation. And yes...

If you still want to buy one, we give you some advice.

• Check that it is a natural tree grown in France and labeled “Plante Bleue” or “Fleurs de France”. These appellations certify that these beautiful trees come from reasoned agricultural production.

• Wait until the first fifteen days of December and buy it from a responsible florist, nursery or garden centre.

• Favor a fir tree in a root ball to replant it later. You never know, you could redo Christmas with the year after .

• Recycle your tree which will be used as mulch for the city gardens.

• Rent your tree . It's responsible, local and easy to do!

The last and best solution to have a responsible tree is to make it. So we roll up our sleeves, turn on our little idea lamp and get started. Everything is possible, use your scraps of fabric, wood, or even a plant that you already have.

It's time to sit down to eat!

Once we have the decoration, the tree, it's time to sit down to eat. Like every year, we offer you delicious (and vegetarian) recipes to try for the holidays. Having fun while remaining responsible, local and good is not even a debate anymore.

Seasonal cooking . It's simple as hello. The fruits and vegetables of December plunge us back into childhood, their tastes, their smells evoke many memories. So for Christmas, you have carte blanche on chestnuts, clementines, oranges, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, cabbage, leeks, mushrooms... And quite simply, we can't have good vegetables and fresh produce. are not local and seasonal.

Discover all the party recipes from the Oé team

And it goes without saying, to avoid waste, nothing better than to limit packaging by buying in bulk shops to the quantity you need. And keep in mind, no pressure for Christmas dinner, even for the most novice among us. As long as you add the special ingredient, everything will be fine. This ingredient? A good dose of love in your preparations. And if you want to be sure to have something good, good and beautiful on your table , accompany your meal with a good Oé wine .

And Santa Claus in all this?

Let's give the green color to Santa's coat! We offer you some ideas for your Christmas gifts.

Another possibility to have a zero waste Christmas is to “live instead of own”. Not all gifts need to be material. We remember an experience better than a material good. For example, you can offer (yourself) a concert ticket , a romantic weekend or between brothers and sisters, cooking classes… As many possibilities as tastes. And depending on the budget, you can work together to make a nice gift for several people rather than several small gifts / trinkets.

If you are good with your hands, you can make yourself a gift. It 's fun, economical, more personal and ecological. You can make homemade skin creams , caramels, or even washable make-up remover cotton pads for the most fashion-conscious among you. And again: sew or knit scarves and mittens (to spend the winter warm - thanks to the energy shortage); make a homemade candle, just as many great ideas and easy to make...

Another possibility for a zero waste Christmas is to buy used to revive all those forgotten objects. We are a double winner: we save money and we participate in the circular economy by reusing . We wrote a great article if you want to know more about all the loops of the circular economy. By buying second-hand you fight against overproduction and you unearth nuggets. So we don't hesitate to go to Emmaüs , Leboncoin or even to Grandma Josette...

We can favor the local and the ethics . For example, if you want to offer clothes,WeDressFair makes the best responsible selection for you.

We give you lots of responsible gift ideas

What about your gift wrapping?

We forget the rolls of paper that we tear and throw away, by now you must all know Furoshiki - the name of a Japanese technique which consists of wrapping gifts in scraps of fabric, scarves, sheets, tablecloths ... we cut. It's canon and responsible! Paké offers magnificent Furoshiki in 100% recycled fabric and made in France.

If you don't have fabric, you can be smart and save the beautiful wrappers for a few months before Christmas. Once the 24th arrives, you take out all your tissue paper or beautiful boxes. You can also opt for old torn books where pages are missing, it gives a very nice retro touch to your wrapping paper. A little personal anecdote (by Chloé d'Oé), I wrapped my presents in my economics drafts for a long time when I was studying; nice technique to show that we work hard!

In short, everything around us can be used as gift wrap. Just let your creativity speak. Are you ready to have an eco-responsible Christmas now? Let's go !

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