Une année 2020 chargée en émotion chez Oé

An emotionally charged 2020 at Oé

The year 2020 is coming to an end. With the team, we wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your enthusiasm for all the Oé projects that have seen the light of day this year! Before jumping into 2021 with both feet, it was important to us to share with you all the highlights that marked our year. Full ahead!

the entire Oé team

From left to right and top to bottom: Valérie, Damien, the three Thomases, Fx, Romain, Sonia, Émilie, Manon, Solenne and Charlotte


In February, the team welcomed new recruits before the first confinement: Manon to coordinate the event axis (ouch covid!) and Damien to better serve wine merchants, grocery stores and restaurants. We just had time to welcome them before confinement and telework.


As regularly throughout the year, part of the team travels all over France to see the Oé winegrowers. The first trip to the winegrowers took place in February at Véronique & Franck, Oé winegrowers of your Bordeaux red and at François, Oé winegrower of your Côtes-de-Bergerac .

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If the team goes to see them so often, it's to think about future vintages, hear from them and come back with photos and videos of their work to share with you on the networks. We are also working to progress together on future subjects to continually gain in commitment. We left in June to visit Emmanuel, Fabien and Brice; then in October to chat with Valérie & Alexis, Véronique & Franck, François, Nicolas & Pascal and Patrick! For the Oé team, the relationship with our winegrowers is as precious as it is friendly.

Winegrowers Oé


Like everyone else, the team was confined for two months from the beginning of March. A great plunge into the unknown and above all the upheaval of our way of working. Telecommuting works pretty well for the team. We were already used to working one or two days a week remotely. Two new recruits arrived at the same time to strengthen the sales team: Solenne and Thomas. During this confinement, we worked hard to finally launch the project we had been fighting for months: the redesign of the site and a big step forward in our commitments.


At the beginning of May - on May 7 exactly, we launched our own organic wines with the Oé winegrowers . We decided to have them bottled with our winegrowers, on a smaller range and with our labels. We have done everything to ensure that these wines are as committed, as coherent as possible.

At the same time, we worked on the new design of the site, to offer you a clearer and more limpid experience. Apparently you liked it 😉

Organic, vegan and zero pesticide wine

Our wines are 360° committed . From content to container, we offer you an experience that respects the environment. For example, we have chosen not to put a capsule - non-recyclable - on the neck of the bottle.

To find out more about Oé bottles, we suggest you read this article!


We dreamed and thought about this program for several months. We created it to make our community aware of environmental issues and help our winegrowers to go ever further in their efforts . Our commitment ? Promote sustainable viticulture that puts biodiversity to the benefit of healthy and positive production. We decided to devote 1% of our turnover to the Oé Program for Biodiversity . This budget allows us to concretely help our winegrowers to finance their projects to deploy a positive ecosystem in their vines. We work with three partners: Biomède , a Lyon startup that works to regenerate the soil; the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO) , an association which helps us to make inventories of the species present in the vines of our winegrowers and Miimosa , the crowdfunding platform which helps us find funds to see the light of day ambitious projects of our winegrowers.

To learn more about our commitments, go here


Beyond offering you your wines online, we wanted to get closer to you. As a result, Oé wines have landed in your favorite points of sale! The sales team works hard to offer your wines near you: at your wine merchants and in your favorite organic stores, restaurants and grocery stores. For example, you can find us in all L'Eau Vive points of sale, at Botanic, Les Nouveaux Robinson, Le Magasin Général of the Darwin ecosystem in Bordeaux… Currently, our Oé wines are present in 250 points of sale.

Discover the points of sale near you

You would like to have them near you and they are not already there? Write to us by email at hello@oeforgood.com to tell us where you would like to find them!


We have completed a fundraising of 2.5 million euros! This fundraising allowed us to launch the projects we have been working on for several months, and in particular those that we will tell you about in the rest of this article.

Thomas and the returnable Oé bottles

“Oé has just completed a fundraiser of 2.5 million euros. trade in organic and pesticide-free wines, is opening up new horizons by continuing to follow its eco-responsible roadmap.” Progress

Konbini article on the Oé wine deposit

For the curious, we give you an appointment in our press area to read all the news from journalists on Oé.


On August 26, we went to Sorgues about 2h30 south of Lyon with the whole team to harvest at Emmanuel, Oé winemaker. It is with him that we produce the white Côtes du Rhône that you love so much. Here are some pictures of this day that we spent as a team.

Team harvest


The deposit , we had been dreaming about it and thinking about the project for two years. We were told that was impossible. Well, impossible isn't it Oé since 2 years later, we are proud to be the first wine brand to put the deposit back in place! Launched last September, it was with our partner Rebooteille that we carried out the first tests in the Lyon region. And now, we are proud to work with My Bottle is called Reviens in Valence, Consign'Up in Toulouse, La Consigne Bordelaise in Bordeaux, Uzaje in Paris and other actors that the team will reveal to you in early 2021 😉 In addition to the launch of the locker, Marie and Sonia joined the team respectively in the sales and logistics teams. And 13 on the counter of smiles at Oé!

Oh the deposit


At the same time as the deposit, we released our Le Bien par le Bon bottle in collaboration with Tarwane , an artist who works with lettering. And to spread the message more widely, we thought up and produced an Oé sweatshirt which was born in stride.

“Oe! With the team, we are building Oé to do “Good through Good”. We are convinced that entrepreneurship is a wonderful lever for responding to the challenges we are currently facing. It starts by offering you good wines, organic, vegan and zero pesticides .

Every day we push the envelope a little further, in very concrete actions: the deposit, sustainable partnerships with Oé winegrowers, carbon neutrality on all of our operations, our premises and the warehouse are supplied with renewable energies. ... These examples are part of our commitments and reflect the culture we have at Oé.

We wanted to celebrate our mission through a creation with Tarwane, a French artist who has turned his passion for drawing and lettering into a profession. For this collaboration, he put at the heart of his creation “Le Bien Par Le Bon” which drives us, to offer you a wine and a sweatshirt in organic cotton in limited series.”


I discover the other collaborations


At the beginning of October, we received great news: the City of Lyon granted us the Lyon Fair Trade and Sustainable City Label (LVED) ! It was Emilie from the team who coordinated this. This initiative was born in 2010 thanks to an environmental activist from Lyon, Guylaine Gouzou-Testud and marks the desire of the city of Lyon to highlight companies that meet the challenges of sustainable development . Today, this label has more than 240 labeled companies that allow Lyonnais to consume responsibly.

Fair and sustainable city label


3 years after our first validated application, the team is proud to have obtained B Corp certification again ! Here we go again for 3 years to work to always improve a little more. Currently, we are working to reduce our waste. It is Sonia who is working on the implementation of zero waste logistics (to keep you informed of progress on the subject, do not hesitate to watch our permanent Supply 0 Waste story ). To date, we are proud to deliver the labels of our wines in bulk to our bottler on recycled glassines, we tested our partner grocery stores to deliver them in racks instead of the cardboard and plastic of traditional wine pallets. We are working on optimizing our packaging boxes and we have received our new kraft paper tape… And all this with a view to having a Zero Waste Supply .

zero waste logistics


First slightly more prestigious cuvées on the menu at Oé: Le Châteauneuf-du-Pape and Le Crémant! Like all our Oé wines, they are organic, vegan and zero pesticides . They have no capsule , the label is made from hemp, flax and sugar cane waste, the glue is water-soluble , and everything is delivered in recycled and recyclable packaging !

Crémant and Chateauneuf

I order the Crémant and Châteauneuf-du-pape box

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The press has perceived Oé's commitment and has become its spokesperson: Les Echos , Le Parisien Weekend , Le Progrès … And in programs such as La Quotidienne , BFM Business and magazines such as Cosmopolitain and Saveurs Green . Thomas, our co-founder, has been invited to the podcasts : Vécus , CroissancePlus , Gone and Food , Growthmakers , À coeur d'Agir ...


instagram igtv

A first for the Oé team, these lives allowed us to exchange with you and impact entrepreneurs such as Elizabeth from Squizz , Marie from We Dress Fair , Emna from Kazidomi , Jean from Phenix , Cyril from Petits Bidons and Christophe des Prés Rient bio , especially during the Green Friday week that Thomas, our co-founder hosted. This was also a first for Fx, second co-founder of Oé who played the game of Instagram lives with our winegrowers and in particular during our visit to François and Franck, Oé winegrowers!

Discover the exchange with François


bingo workshop

In collaboration with Atelier Bingo and winegrower Emmanuel Oé , we designed a bottle around biodiversity. You loved it both in your glasses and as a gift with its colorful visuals and we loved marveling you with the story it tells.

“Oe! Every day, we marvel at the winegrowers with whom we work hand in hand, at their way of getting involved in the vineyard on a daily basis. They install nesting boxes for bats, nests for chickadees, shelters for swallows. They plant flora that will both aerate the soil and delight the bees, while making sure to work the land so that the deer and rabbits feel good there. They are inspired by living things to give the soil the best nutrients, and take particular care of each vine stock. To invest alongside them, we devote 1% of our turnover to the Oé Program for biodiversity. Bingo! All of this made us want to imagine a bottle in the colors of nature, of life, reflecting the beauty of biodiversity through our eyes and those of Adèle and Maxime from Atelier Bingo.”

It was cool to find this bottle in Cosmo :)


For the end of the year, the team wanted to spoil you to cheer you up for the end-of-year celebrations: we've concocted an Advent calendar for you with contests and good deeds to do every day. All these good deeds, it was an introduction to what we are preparing for you for the beginning of January. You have an idea ? 😉 See you very soon to reveal our next project. The whole team says 10,000 thanks to you, you who follow and support us every day, you who commit yourself alongside us for a better world. Next year will be full of surprises again so let's stay tuned.

Happy New Year's Eve to everyone!

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