Le bilan de l'année

A year 2021 full of surprises and novelties: thank you for being by our side!

Oé, the year has been rich in emotions, between small and big victories, we have shaken up a lot of things in 2021, and we would like to share them with you. What do you say?


We started 2021 with a beautiful bottle in collaboration with Julien Vidal, the founder of the movement It starts with me . The goal ? Make you aware of the small actions that can change everything. Many of you have played the game of small actions by sharing them with us on the networks and reading Julien's book to do good on your scale. A success !

It starts with me

We received the award from the Revue du Vin de France to reward us for our environmental innovation by being the first wine brand to reinstall the deposit in France and for the consistency of our commitments.

RVF Prize


We received the Trophy for Best Hope by Le Progrès awarded by the company Alptis. At the same time, our wines began to appear in certain Biocoop stores , our first step in a cooperative of such scope!

best hope trophy


The third wave of confinement did not stop us in such a good way. To nourish the hope of a better world and to unite our team a little stronger, we did the Climate Fresco in video with a good glass of Oé wine. A moment rich in learning which allowed the whole team to better understand the complexity of the subjects surrounding global warming and its consequences in the medium and long term. Something to strengthen and comfort everyone in their commitments. And above all push the envelope ever further to do good.

The fresco of the climate

We also saw the first bulk wines arrive in partner grocery stores thanks to our collaboration with Jean Bouteille . A first for us to offer good wine in bulk , and also a challenge to democratize it and have it adopted by more and more people. It deserves a big THANK YOU to you for the welcome you gave it!

Bottled by you

To find out more about bulk wine x Jean Bouteille, go here!


We have become Entreprise à Mission , which means that we have included our mission of promoting sustainable agriculture and a benevolent way of consuming in our statutes . A real step forward that pushes us, like the B Corp label , to always do better and be in a logic of continuous improvement.

Oé, company with a mission

We were also referenced on the IMPACT platform with 100 other pioneering companies and we received the TOP/COM Gold award in the Corporate Press Relations category for our 2020 media launch against Accor, Citroën and Sphère with our Marie-Antoinette agency.

TOP/COM price


In May, we launched a bottle in collaboration with the On Est Prêt movement to take you on a journey through time and imagine desirable futures for 2040. It was also during this period that we began to deliver bottles in racks to some of our partners and that we have set up the deposit for corks with our grocer and restaurant customers with theFrance Cancer association to give them a second life.

We are ready


In June, we launched the new Le bien par le bon range for large retailers. We are already present at Gorillaz , Carrefour , in some Franprix and G20 in Paris. Our desire is to be as close as possible to everyone and to offer good wine for your palates and for the planet.

We also entered Naturalia and we are now available in most stores of the brand near you.

The good by the good

We launched a brand new bottle, Le Saint-Emilion Grand Cru and we took part in the Deauville Green Award , the committed film festival to serve good Oé wines to Camille Etienne, the On Est Prêt team, Marie-Monique Robin, Jean Jouzel and many others.

The Deauville Green Awards

We launched the Oé mini to allow everyone to taste good wine and consume less and better. We offer as many commitments but in a 25cl bottle.

We also had the pleasure of starting to offer our wines in all Le Pain Quotidien restaurants in France and Belgium, on the Cajoo app and at Mama Shelter in Paris.

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One year after the launch of the Oé Program for Biodiversity , and after several months of auditing our winegrowers with our partner EcoFarms , we launched our first crowdfunding campaign with MiiMOSA to help Franck and Véronique, Oé winegrowers in Pujols to go beyond organic by doing agroforestry on their estate. The work is progressing well, we show you some photos that make us happy just below. We will continue to deploy this kind of project in 2022 with the other Oé winegrowers.

Work at Franck is going well

We launched a candle in collaboration with Maison Tchin-Tchin , the 1st French brand of candles with fragrances inspired by the aromas of grape varieties and with an eco-responsible design. It was an opportunity to make you discover a beautiful committed brand and to mark the beginning of the harvest of the Oé winegrowers! ⁠

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On September 23, we went to Arles to Brice, Oé winegrower , to do the harvest as a team. We spent the morning in the vines harvesting, we ate with Brice and all the people who work at the estate for the lunch break and in the afternoon, we visited the cellar. A great moment as a team that we immortalized in pictures.

We have reached the 4th year of our B Corp certification . And we continue to engage more and more on a daily basis with new lockers who are emerging throughout France and with whom we have the honor of working; with the zero waste logistics that we continue to deploy; with the Oé Program for Biodiversity that we are expanding to help Oé winegrowers ever more to go beyond organic... To celebrate this 4th candle, the team is offering our partners and startups in the Lyon ecosystem to support them to become B Corp by having a coffee together to discuss it and make you want to fall into the pot!


We revealed to you the collaboration with Malika Favre, a committed artist with whom we wanted to celebrate biodiversity. You liked this Côtes-du-Rhône Signargues and we are delighted to see the bottles on your tables.

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We changed banks to NEF, an ethical bank that invests in sustainable projects instead of those that use fossil fuels. We sent our first zero waste palette to our partner La Fourche, we have some nice surprises in store for you next year on the subject. And we also took part in the Lyon Street Food Festival, the Natexpo fair and the Sirha.

The Shira team

The team at the Lyon Street food festival


At the end of the year, we received the Environmental Innovation Prize awarded by Le Progrès at the H7 in Lyon . It was Charlotte from the team, which you see in the photo, who went to pick it up. We were rewarded for our work on deposit, zero waste logistics and for our commitment to our winegrowers to help them go beyond organic thanks to the Oé Program for Biodiversity.⁠

Find out more about this Innovation Trophies presentation evening 

Innovation Awards

This year has been full of emotions. In addition to all this, we have also recruited 12 people, and we continue to visit the Oé winegrowers to understand their work, to support them, to support them in their projects and to find them funding to push the envelope even further, we also visits our partners to present them to you in our blog and on the networks. And we intend to continue our momentum in 2022. See you next year for new advances and good news to share. From the bottom of our hearts, the entire Oé team wishes you a very happy end of the year.

A simple Christmas

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