Oé organic, vegan and zero pesticide wine boxes

To please or make you happy, the team offers you to compose your boxes of organic wines for a moment of sharing or tasting, or to fill your personal cellar. From one bottle of wine and without limit, except stock of course, you can order your favorite committed wines. They are all organic, vegan and certified zero pesticides on 425 molecules by the independent laboratory Capinov. Let's go for a topo on your wine boxes and how to compose them with white wine , red wine , rosé wine and crémant . By bike Simone!

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Oé committed wines

Oé, the committed wine brand, is a team of organic wine enthusiasts always looking for the best cuvée. Since September 2019, we have been creating our organic wines hand in hand with the Oé winegrowers, deeply committed to the French terroir.

For your pleasure and that of the taste buds of your guests, we offer ten references: The red Côtes-du-Rhône mainly made from the Syrah grape variety , The white Côtes-du-Rhône , The red Bordeaux , The white Bordeaux , The Languedoc red , Le Languedoc blanc , Le Vaucluse Principality of Orange red , Le Bugey blanc made from the Chardonnay grape variety , Le Châteauneuf-du-Pape red , Le Crémant , Le Côtes-de-Bergerac mellow , Le Corbières rosé , Le Méditerranée rosé and other vintages of organic wines to come… (on different appellations or wine regions such as Burgundy with its incredible Pinot Noir grape variety but also different grape varieties and Wines of France ).

All bottles are produced with love. The wines are wines of pleasure and are consensual, that is to say that they always please the greatest number. These are organic wines , vegan wines and zero pesticide wines .

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Boxes of organic wines to compose

When you decide to place an order on the oeforgood.com online site , do not hesitate to write to us at hello@oeforgood.com if you have any questions regarding the food and wine pairings that we can suggest for you. We also have recipe ideas (like this Autumn Focaccia ) to suggest, whether for carnivores or vegetarians. As far as organic wine gift boxes are concerned , we offer attractive boxes of 2 and 6 bottles of wine that you can compose yourself with red wines or white wines , or simply select ready-made boxes already offered. on our site. Your cuvées are selected with love from the most beautiful organic vineyards in France to delight the taste buds of organic wine lovers.

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The shipping costs for the delivery of your boxes and organic wine boxes are free from 6 bottles in a relay point (with a supplement of 1 euro if you wish to receive the package at home). The team's advice? Home delivery is very practical if you telework daily at home or if you have no time constraints. We advise you to have it delivered to the relay point closest to your home if you have not ordered more than 6 bottles (so that it is not too heavy to transport home) or to have it delivered to your place of work, with a friend or family if you have time constraints.

If you order 1, 3, 4 or 5 bottles, they will be packed in traditional boxes , like all your other deliveries on the internet. We always slip a little thank you note into your box. If you want to offer the organic wine gift box, you can tell us the personalized message you want to convey, we write it by hand for you and slip it into the wine box . Beyond 6 bottles, we compose the packages of several boxes. For an order of 8 bottles of wine, you will have the pretty box of 6 bottles and the pretty box of 2 bottles sent together. We let you imagine the rest of the compositions ;)

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Drinking organic Oé wine: a state of mind and a commitment

Drinking organic Oé wine means making a stronger commitment and supporting sustainable viticulture . Drinking Oé is also voting for a better world , and proving that we can consume less and better , good and organic , local and affordable . Our commitment began during our first meetings with our winegrowers. That's when our desire to do good with good began. Whether it is for our planet, for our health and that of the winegrowers, organic wine (beyond organic, as Oé winegrowers do) is respectful of the planet . The doses of copper and sulfur are well below the doses spread by conventional winegrowers who additionally add chemical pesticides to their vines.

In addition to good wine and our organic wine boxes , the team also offers lightweight packaging optimized for transport in recycled cardboard and with vegetable inks . The bottle comes as much as possible from the deposit and you can find our consigned wines in our partner points of sale . We are working thanks to Sonia and Thomas from logistics on a Zero Waste Supply . That is to say that we do everything we can to tend to have no more waste on the logistics of our wines. All these commitments have led us to be B Corp certified , the label for companies that want to do common good and dream of being the best for the world.

Once you have received your boxes, you can taste them and discover the aromas that your wines offer you!

Discover our organic wines and ready-made wine boxes on our website oeforgood.com and write to us at hello@oeforgood.com if you have any questions about food and wine pairings or your favorite bottles.

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