The colors of white wine: the whole range of colors

At Oé, we dress rather “casual”. But when the opportunity arises, we love to put on our 31! Moreover, Thomas, our co-founder, is a lover of dress codes. He would tell you everything about the color of the shoes to choose according to the time and the occasion. Anyway, back on topic. When we prepare for an occasion, we go through our wardrobe, we do a test, a second, then a third... We check in the mirror that everything fits well, we do a little dance step, a perfume shot, boosted confidence and let's go for the evening! Finally, between the wine and us there is not too much difference, he too loves to show off his best dress ... ;)

Where does the color of white wine come from?

The dress of white wine, a story of colors, but not only...

When we talk about the robe of a wine, we are in fact talking about its appearance, as with the coat of a horse, for example. We are obviously talking about colors but also about brilliance, clarity, viscosity, intensity and nuance .

Hey Fred, those are the parameters to take into account. And yes Jamy, a glass of wine is a work of art: we take the time to contemplate it, to understand its history, and we choose to live this moment with people who are dear to us and who share the passion or the desire to know more about wine. (and yes, a wine is always drunk with a friend of choice: Moderation)

Vinification, the birth of the wine color

As with painting a picture, it's a matter of pigment . For wine, these pigments are called anthocyanins and they are found naturally on the skin film of grapes . Initially, whether it is made from a black grape variety or a white grape variety , the grape juice is white in color. As white wine does not go through maceration , the juice is not in contact with the must and therefore remains white.

Conversely, for red wine , the juice macerates with the must and therefore changes color . The juice that is at the bottom of the vats (or barrels or barrels ) is called saignée rosé . It is very colorful and it is extracted to be vinified separately. To have a less colored rosé , the winegrowers use the pressing technique which consists of pressing the juice just after crushing and putting it in vats directly to start fermentation .

We give you an anecdote to shine in society and break a false belief: the color of white wine does not depend on the color of reason, and white wine can be made from black grapes and white grapes. Unlike red wine, which will only be made from black grape varieties, hence the expressions “ blanc de blancs ” or “ blanc de noirs ”.

The winemaker, master builder of the color of a white wine

The artist is of course the winegrower . The vine has no secrets for him and he expresses the typicality of his wine thanks to his talent. He has several keys in hand to develop the color of his wine. The grape variety , maceration ( red wine , rosé wine ), fermentation ( white wine ), fining and ageing .

Wine color and grape variety

It all begins in the vineyards . The black grape varieties and the white grape varieties do not have the same rendering in vinification . For example, a pinot noir gives a less intense color than a cabernet . The winegrower can therefore make blends to balance the strengths of each of the grape varieties he has. The Muscats , a large family of white and black grape varieties, also have a palette of different aromas and colors that you never get tired of.

Wine color and fermentation

Have you noticed that sweet and syrupy white wines tend to have a rather yellow gold color? Well, it's due to their high sugar content which turns into alcohol thanks to the action of yeasts during fermentation . Whereas dry white wines , which feature more acidity on the palate, have paler hues.

Wine color and collage

Fining , which is an optional step, allows the winemaker to clarify his wine, to soften the tannins , to reduce the bitterness and to fix the color of the wine according to the proteins used.


Aging in oak barrels makes it possible to bring new aromas to the wines (vanilla, undergrowth, toast, etc.) but also to change its structure thanks to different chemical reactions due to oxidation. Concrete, stainless steel or fiberglass tanks are more suitable for wines for which the winemaker wishes to preserve youth and freshness .

For white wine, aging on lees (yeasts from alcoholic fermentation ) is very common to stabilize and improve the quality of the wine .

Wine color and aging

The winegrower plays, among other things, on the aging of his wine to give it certain aromas ( tertiary ) and to develop the colour , the tannic structure and the development of the aromas of his wine. . Your wine can also evolve in your cellar . Do not hesitate to do the test, compare your bottles over time, observe them and taste them you will see that with age your wine will change.

For sparkling wines , aging on a latte is known in particular for Champagne in order to ensure good quality and good conservation. And yes, Champagne , a prestigious sparkling wine , has the luxury of sleeping on a cozy bed to offer its best flavors...

Choose your white wine according to its color

White wine: a rainbow of colors?

There are more shades of color in the robe of a white wine than there are in the rainbow. Here are some that you can proudly give away to wow your friends: yellow green , russet , straw yellow , green gold , pale gold , yellow gold , golden , old gold , light amber , dark amber

Observing the color of a wine is a good way to know if you are dealing with rather young wines or if they have reached maturity . For red wines, the color is moving towards brick red or caramel tones while for white wines the yellow becomes more and more golden or even amber for sweet wines . As you will have understood, the color has a link with the aromas of the wine, so a piece of advice, do not choose it only because you like its pretty complexion!

Our food and wine pairing advice for a white wine

Tasting is a moment that we love. The sound of the cork being removed, the first vapors of alcohol tickling our noses, the glasses filling up little by little and the smiles appearing on the faces of the guests. Isn't life beautiful?

At Oé, we really like light wines for an aperitif. A small sandwich of salmon, slices of cucumber combined with homemade mayonnaise and the finesse of a glass of dry wine will make our mouths water!

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The greediest among us are also tempted by a fruity and very soft mellow . Our Côtes-de-Bergerac with its notes of honey and lime blossom is an ideal companion for all occasions.

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For a cheese tasting , our best friend is our AOC Bugey , a 100% Chardonnay dry wine and 100% pleasure with its pretty pale yellow color and its aromatic note of white flowers .

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The white Côtes-du-Rhône is a little gem created from typical grape varieties of the region: La Roussane and Grenache blanc . It will go perfectly with baked vegetables , and will also be suitable for lovers of raw vegetables .

Le Côtes-du-Rhône

11,10 €

Grenache blanc • Roussanne

To indulge yourself with seafood, nothing better than a white Bordeaux which transports us directly to the Atlantic coast, with the sound of the waves and the smell of hot sand.

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You can also find all of our good organic Vaucluse wines , organic Bordeaux wines , organic Languedoc wines , organic Mediterranean wines , organic Côtes du Rhône wines .