The winegrowers

Bonds forged for years.

A bond of trust, friendship, respect. This is what we managed to create with all our winegrowers. Some have been part of the adventure since the beginning, others have joined this great adventure along the way to multiply the Oé bottles!

Today, we work with a good twenty winegrowers, 13 men and 7 women who are convinced that we can change things by drinking good wine.

We are proud to tell you about Marie-Paule, Véro, Valérie, Corinne, Claire, Édith, Élise, and Brice, Emmanuel, Denis, Fabien, Mickaël, Stéphane, Alexis, Franck, François, Pascal, Nicolas, Thierry, Yann. The community of Oé winegrowers only grows as your commitments grow with us.

It is with them that we produce our delicious wines. Delicious because they represent the land, the terroir, the climate and all the love for each of the regions in which the grapes grew. In the middle of healthy vines that are full of sun, animals, insects with a rich and dense ecosystem, preserved biodiversity and regenerated soils. The perfect example of good in the service of good. And that, in large part thanks to our winegrowers!

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We let you marvel at the music of this immersion at Corinne's