Oé is committed to B Corp certification!

As you know (or not), we have been B Corp certified since September 2017. And yes, more than two years already! B Corp is THE label for companies that are committed to the common good. Patagonia, Innocent, Les 2 Vaches, Natures & Découvertes are among those companies that are committed like us on a daily basis. To obtain certification, it's simple in theory, all you have to do is complete a questionnaire of 200 questions and obtain a minimum of 80 points - more complicated in practice because the questions are demanding - to obtain and then keep the certification. Every three years, we have to take the test again to show that we are progressing, so we will go back to the screen next September ;-) Let's go for a topo on our B Corp shares!

No more plastic in the office with our Dopper water bottles

8 million tons of plastic in the oceans every year.

It's sad. So with the team we decided to use water bottles. Each member of the Oé team receives one upon arrival with a bottle of Oé wine, and a nice note signed by the whole team. We chose the Dopper brand because they are B Corp certified (like us), and cap on the bottle, they turn into wine glasses when opened!

Our premises powered by 100% renewable energy with Enercoop

“The cleanest energy is the one we don't consume.” 

Enercoop sources its supplies in a short circuit and supplies our premises in Lyon with 100% renewable energy produced by local suppliers. We support our Oé winegrowers in their transition to green energies, so that they too can operate their cellars and vineyards with good energy.

Simple and quick (5 minutes on the phone), the Enercoop team also takes care of terminating the current contract! So if you want to get involved with us, we offer you and your loved ones €20 for each new subscription with the code 👉🏼 PARRAIN_mhSfw 👈🏼

There are other trusted energy suppliers like Plüm and Oui Planète for example.

Your carbon neutral delivery in 100% recycled and recyclable boxes

Every detail counts, which is why your Oé wines are delivered in 100% recycled and recyclable boxes with a personalized note. Everything is printed with “green” inks on recycled paper (of course).

To push the envelope a little further, we have chosen a carrier that delivers your packages and offsets the CO2 emissions produced during transport. Concretely, it optimizes its delivery passages and replants trees to absorb the CO2 spit out.

A dynamic team that comes by bike or by transport to the office every morning

Oé participates in the purchase of its employees' bicycles to encourage each member to shake off the bunch before arriving at the office. It is a real energy booster to start the day. And for those who haven't yet taken the plunge into sport in the morning, it's public transport!

We eat local and seasonal

We love vines, those who cultivate them, tits, insects, water, the seasons, the planet… And also fruits and vegetables! So to encourage the team to eat well every lunchtime and set an example, we chose to buy a basket of fruit from local producers at the office. We also buy organic and bulk products for team life. We consume coffee in beans and without capsules (does that ring a bell? ;-)), we have installed a collective compost that we share with other companies, we are almost 0 waste as far as household waste is concerned and try to reduce the packaging associated with the delivery of our wines . In short, we implement new actions regularly to do better day by day.

Take the cork by the bottle by suggesting other ethical alternatives that are good for the planet at charlotte@oeforgood.com, and shake the bunch with us!