What wine to drink with a pizza?

Pizza is a great classic for evenings with friends. Usually accompanied by beers, it has become a must!

Whether it's seafood, Margarita, or even four cheeses, you should know that you can enjoy it with a good bottle of wine.

For many, wine pairings are an enigma. Choosing a wine to go with a pizza is not very complicated when you know a few simple rules .

wine with pizza

Pizza: a universal dish

Present since Antiquity in the form of a pancake accompanied by toppings, pizza is a very popular recipe.

Made with bread dough, tomato sauce and melting cheese, pizza has been a classic for centuries.

Although some pizza recipes are classic and almost universal, many chefs let their creativity run free by adding unexpected ingredients. And while a lot of people associate pizza with beer, you should know that wine also goes very well with it.

You can accompany a pizza with red wine, white wine or even rosé. Here are some of the rules to follow when choosing a good wine to go with a good pizza.

pizza with red wine

The aromas of red fruits from Beaujolais or a Gaillac bring out the taste of the tomato sauce between bites. With a pizza, we prefer a light Gaillac to enhance the taste of the dish.

Red Côtes-du-Rhône wines with their aromas of spices make it possible to emphasize the taste of the tomato sauce. It's also a great choice to go with pizza, as it gives the cheese a boost.

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When choosing a red wine to accompany your pizza, you must therefore give priority to a wine that is crunchy, fresh enough to reduce the fatty side of the cheese.

Red wines are perfect for simple classic pizzas and for those with a more complex topping.

Pizza with white wine

A light and fruity white wine, Sicilian or French, will go perfectly with all pizzas .

It is necessary to opt in priority for whites with the aromas of citrus fruits, with mineral notes to shout a balance with the fat of the cheeses (mozzarella, gorgonzola…).

A white wine from the Loire Valley is recommended for the pizzas.

Also, a fresh Sancerre with its mineral taste and aroma of citrus fruits and almonds is perfect.

When selecting a white wine to taste your pizza, keep in mind that it should be light, fruity, served chilled, with aromas of citrus fruits or even white fruits .

Pizza with rosé wine

Rosé wines , although unconventional, go very well with pizza if you know how to choose them.

You can opt for rosés provided you take a rosé as an aperitif such as a rosé from Côte-de-Provence .

We can also make more original weddings. Languedoc is a rosé with a more full-bodied taste than a simple aperitif rosé.

Wine and pizza

Where to find wines to go with pizza

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