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How to make cocktail wines?

Sangria, orange pulco, Kir, mulled wine… cocktail wines come in several variations . The French are crazy about them and commonly drink them by the sea, in summer.

But how is a cocktail wine made? Oé brings you precise answers in terms of cocktail recipes (sangria, marquisette, kir, etc.) . Here is in a few lines how a cocktail wine is made.

wine cocktails

Definition of the term cocktail and its origins

Several meanings are attributed to the term cocktail and in various fields such as catering for example, when we want to talk about a reception with a buffet, or to allude to a mixture of elements of a different nature, or even simply in the French language!

But this word of Anglo-American origin takes on its full meaning when it comes to talking about drinks , especially all those made from a mixture of at least two ingredients, and one of which contains alcohol. Whether it's a cocktail based on red wine, white wine or rosé wine , ideas keep coming and giving birth to original cocktails.

Wine recipe with sangria

Sangria is a cocktail made with red wine, usually consumed in the summer . An atypical composition of sangria is that it is made with white wine or beer. This wine is appreciated both for its freshness and for its fruity flavour.

For a traditional sangria made with red wine, you need:

  • Sins,
  • cinnamon,
  • cane sugar,
  • Cognac: however, it is advisable to choose a bottle with an average alcohol content of 12°.

For the preparation

Step 1: We press in a bowl, oranges and lemon and mix the ingredients.

Step 2: We pour in the peaches previously cut into cubes.

Step 3: Thereafter, we make a mixture of cinnamon, sugar and cognac which we leave to macerate for 10 minutes.

Step 4 : Immediately after, they are incorporated into the fruit juice and red wine. And there you have it, your traditional sangria cocktail is ready to be served chilled. You will love this very fresh cocktail!

As indicated above, the sangria recipe can be made with white wine.

This recipe is just as simple as the first preparation. Here, we naturally use white wine.

Add to that :

  • Lemonade,
  • sugar,
  • liquor,
  • cinnamon stick,
  • vanilla pods,
  • lemon wedges,
  • apples.

For a successful preparation:

Step 1: start by pouring the white wine (about 50 cl) and the lemonade into a salad bowl.

Step 2: Next, add the vanilla.

Step 3: Finally, remove the skin from the fruit and cut it into small pieces.

Step 4: Tasting begins after the white sangria cocktail has been chilled for 4 to 5 hours.

sangria wine

Marquisette wine cocktail: how to make it?

The marquisette is native to the south-west of France. Whether in Ardèche, Gard, Dôme or Hautes-Alpes, we consume it.

Very often, it is to celebrate weddings, birthdays, not to mention evenings with friends. There are several types of marquisette, in particular the lemon marquisette commonly made from sparkling wine.

In terms of ingredients, we generally use:

  • a lemon,
  • Orange,
  • sugar,
  • white rum,
  • Lemonade,
  • dry white wine
  • rosé sparkling wine.

The preparation is however quite simple.

Step 1: Mix in a salad bowl, the diced fruit, sugar, rum and white wine. You can also add all the ingredients in a bottle. The maceration is done in 24 hours in a refrigerator.

Step 2: For the mixture to be incorporated perfectly, the consumer must, during the maceration period, mix delicately using a spatula.

Step 3: A final step is to add the lemonade and sparkling wine once the sliced ​​fruit has been removed.

Step 4: Once the mixture is served, add a slice of lemon.

The marquisette being an extremely alcoholic drink, it is advisable to consume it very fresh and in moderation.

marquisette wine
The Kir: its specificity and its recipe

For the little story

The Kir became popular in French cafes in the mid-19th century and was popularized by Felix Kir after World War II.
The mayor of Dijon in Burgundy, then in France, often served the drink to promote the fine products of his region (wine and crème de cassis). The name Kir has been associated with the drink for many years already.

If you like berry flavored cocktails, the Kir is a great choice. It is a perfect wine cocktail to serve at an open house, a business reception or a casual cocktail party.

Very simple to make, the Kir is very popular with the French and quite affordable in terms of cost. If you can easily have this cooktail in the corner supermarket, the fact remains that it can be declined in a homemade Kir cocktail.

This is actually one of the rarest recipes made with crème de cassis . This ingredient acts as a dark sweetener, reflecting the typicality of this cocktail wine.

Kir recipe

Kir is made from white wine. An ordinary wine such as a Chablis or a Grand Marnier is sometimes recommended . Indeed, opt for wines that need to be shaken or mixed with another ingredient before consumption.

However, Kir exists in several varieties and each of them is unique . Therefore, there are:

  • cardinal kir where white wine is substituted by red wine;
  • Breton kir where Breton cider is used instead of wine;
  • the imperial kir where the crème de cassis is replaced by raspberry cream, the wine by champagne ;
  • the Norman kir where the wine will be replaced by Norman cider.

But, for a traditional Kir, you need the crème de cassis and a bottle of dry white wine .

For the manufacture

Step 1: Pour the crème de cassis into a wine glass.

Step 2: Then, slowly mix dry white wine.

Alongside these different cocktails, there are many other cocktails that leave no one indifferent. A homemade Angevin soup should leave no one indifferent. It is made from lemon juice, a few cl of cane sugar syrup and Cointreau. There is also a mixture served by the glass where you add cane sugar and then cognac.

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