What to drink with foie gras?

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Foie gras wine: what pairings?

When inviting friends over for dinner, it is important to impress them with good food: prepare a delicacy of foie gras to please your guests. To brighten their eyes, you have to know how to combine flavors and offer them a drink , a good glass of wine with a plate of foie gras.

As the latter has a more delicate taste, you can't afford to take just any wine . The pronounced flavors of the wine can come to unbalance the fondant and the sweetness of the foie gras and your guests will not be able to fully savor this dinner.

wine with foie gras

Drink wine with foie gras

Foie gras has the distinction of being rich in unsaturated fatty acids and these are enhanced by a touch of sweet flavor. This is why it is eaten with onion or fig confit. To keep this explosion of flavors in the mouth, you will also have to choose the wine with which you will savor this dish. The association with foie gras wine must be considered so that the pronounced taste of the wine does not spoil the sweetness and melting texture of the foie gras.

Our soft and sweet Côtes-de-Bergerac is an ideal match for foie gras!

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Not all wines served can always be paired with foie gras. We often recommend sweet white wine to accompany foie gras, but you can also try to take another wine to highlight this delicate taste of foie gras.

foie gras wine

The classical compositions

Jarred foie gras has the particularity of being less melting. If you take this type of foie gras, you will have to turn to fatty wines, sweet wines or sweet wines with a touch of smoothness. The fat of these drinks will go perfectly with the fondant foie gras. The new Sauternes, the Vouvray, the late harvest of Alsace or the Saussignac will do the trick.

You can also serve the semi-cooked foie gras with a white Burgundy. For a pan-fried foie gras escalope, brut champagne is the most recommended . It provides additional tonicity to foie gras. For this pairing, the balance between smoothness and acidity is what must be sought. It is also possible to serve the pan-fried foie gras escalope with a Bordeaux red wine or a red wine typical of the South-West . The tannins of this wine will attenuate the smoothness of the foie gras. To impress your guests, you can engage in pairings more original foie gras wine.

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Sweet white wine with foie gras aperitif

It's the classic combination that any cook can make . You won't be disappointed with this pairing, but sweet white wine isn't always so best with a dish of foie gras. If you take a wine that is too sweet, it can spoil the taste of foie gras. The aromatic power of wine, as tasty as it is, can attenuate or mask the subtlety and flavors of foie gras. If you serve an aperitif consisting of foie gras with a sweet wine, which is very common, your taste buds can come to saturation. Another wine for the rest of the meal will no longer be very well appreciated at fair value.

For a better tasting, choose a sweet wine that has kept a nice acidity to serve with a fresh pan-fried foie gras or in a brioche. We recommend that you take the Languedoc white wine . On the palate, the latter is very greedy and the fruity notes of the sweet wine would sweeten the foie gras.

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Champagne with foie gras

This association of flavors between champagnes and foie gras is also possible. Note, however, that not all champagnes will have the flavor effect you are looking for . It is more advisable to take a large vintage champagne with a higher proportion of Pinot noir . For a perfect composition, it will be necessary to serve with champagne your foie gras with a toast of toast . This crispy touch with the grilled flavors will bring more taste to the champagne.

Do not hesitate to take an old vintage champagne, because the mushroom notes will not spoil the palate with the foie gras. Savor the foie gras with a bottle of organic Crémant d'Alsace.

Le Crémant

15,80 €

Pinot blanc • Pinot noir • Riesling

A dry white wine

This wine has the particularity of being subtle with a nice acidity and a sharp freshness . It would be ideal to serve it before the meal to whet the appetite. All white wines dry will not always bring you a balance of flavors with the foie gras on the palate. Opt for a creamy wine that is fatter on the palate . This taste will complement the opulent structure with your foie gras dish. Take a subtly oxidative wine between 5 and 10 years old, if you can find it. Do not hesitate to take an expressive and assertive wine with your foie gras. A dry white wine will do a good deal of flavors with a terrine of semi-cooked foie gras.

Foie gras and Alsace wine

It's proven, Gewurztraminer is the wine of choice that you need to accompany your foie gras. This is the best ally to bring a unique touch to the flavor of your meal . If you need to make the foie gras and Alsace wine pairing, opt for a Gewurztraminer, it will certainly find a place of choice on your table.

For red wine lovers

If you have a particular preference for red wines, you can take some to create perfect pairings with foie gras . Red wine, when it matures, offers an excellent alternative. For your meal then, take an evolved wine that has had time to age and has reached its optimum development. To enhance the taste of foie gras, turn to a wine with peppery and spicy notes.

You can also choose a wine that is assertive, even corpulent, but which will remain elegant and refined on the taste buds. For this meal, you will not be able to bring out any red wine . You need a slightly aged bottle which has the particularity of being finer and more delicate than a bottle full of youth. The team offers you a Côtes-du-Rhône or a red Languedoc for example.

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