An organic wine box for wine lovers

The Oé organic wine box is organic wines well produced with the winegrowers. Better than tasting sheets, you will find anecdotes, interviews and many other things in the magazine!

The Oé organic wine box is the unique and committed organic box : inside you will find wines from different organic wine producers at the best price. Red wine, white wine, rosé, sparkling: you can combine your organic wine box as you wish. Each of the Oé wines that you find in the box is worked by passionate winegrowers, in love with their land: this is why each wine is produced with immense respect for the environment, and that's a pleasure! The advantage of organic wine ? It's good for our beautiful planet, it's much healthier for the health of winegrowers and those who taste!

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Organic wine box, selections of organic wine to please

The Oé organic wine box offers the best experience for lovers of good wines and it 's a new way to offer an original gift! The Oé organic box is suitable both for those who wish to discover new bottles and also for unconditional wine fans.

The organic wine box is a way to taste good organic wine at home and build up a beautiful wine cellar. It's easy to offer the Oé wine box and it's done in 2 clicks!

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The Oé organic box is a box containing bottles of organic, vegan and zero pesticide wine. Choose 6 wines, delivery is free and you offer a personalized gift to the people you love.

Oé makes it possible to buy boxes of organic wines from one bottle. If you add 6 bottles, delivery is free. You can select the number of bottles of your choice to be delivered to your home or to a relay point .

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With Oé, you can slip a personalized note into your organic wine box . If it is not possible to travel during a birthday, we suggest that you have the box of wine delivered to your friend's home or to a relay point. Go to . The different types of organic wines chosen the best surprises at each tasting.

Why choose the Oé organic wine box?

Choosing the Oé organic wine box is THE best experience for all these reasons:

  • You taste delicious 100% organic wines : Oé is committed to helping you discover and simply deliver the best organic wines to please you.
  • You get to know the best of wine: by ordering your Oé organic box , you discover new organic wines. You know how to choose the right wine that you like!
  • You benefit from delivery and excellent customer service . Delivery is ensured by an efficient logistics service and your box is delivered in 24 to 48 hours.

Want to discover the Oé organic wine box?

Organic wines are produced by Oé and its committed winegrowers, because they are better for your health, for those of the winegrowers and for the planet . They contain little sulphites compared to conventional wines. Likewise, their tastes are also better than classic wines. Explore the vineyards with the Oé organic box and discover delicious organic wines produced with love.

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