How to store wine without having a cellar?

When you are offered good bottles of wine, you are not always obliged to consume it directly. Some find themselves having to open it at the next meal, because they don't have wine cellars . Indeed, not having a cellar can be a problem when you want to keep a good bottle of wine. Its flavors will develop even more over time if you keep it as much as possible. A good wine is a well preserved wine.

We are going to reveal to you through this file the good conditions to keep your wine.

This way to fill your cellar with good wines!

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Also find all our conservation tips in this article.

In this article, you will find our advice for your opened bottles.

Recommended storage temperature

Temperature remains one of the factors to consider for the proper aging of wine. It is more important to keep the wine bottle at a moderate and steady temperature. It must not go from 28 ° C to - 2 ° C and yet that is what it will suffer if you keep it in your living room. These temperature variations may have a negative impact on its taste. Remember to place it in a place where it is neither too hot nor too cold.

What is the ideal location?

If you only have two or three bottles to store, finding a location won't be that hard. You can place your bottles in the cupboard or in the kitchen storage space or in the wardrobe. Dark corners are ideal locations for optimal wine storage .

Bottles should be protected from light . UV rays can degrade the taste of wine. If your kitchen cupboard is then near a light source, this is not the ideal location. For your collection of 10 bottles of wine, it is preferable to acquire a wine cabinet to protect them from light. Grands crus require more specific storage conditions. If you want to keep these bottles for a few years, consider renting a wine cellar. You can also contact "apartment wine cellars" which presents a great investment.


For this preservation, the wine needs humidity, but not as much. Experts and wine lovers will surely tell you that to store a bottle, it needs a space where the humidity or hygrometry is between 55 and 77%. At home, since you don't have a device to measure the humidity, you have to feel the humidity yourself. Wine is like humans: it needs a constant temperature, but when it's too dry, you'll have to think about airing the place where it's kept.

Preparing bottles for storage

Once you have found the ideal location for your wine bottles, you will still need to prepare them. To do this, you will need newspapers: surround each bottle with a few leaves. If you have been provided with a box, you can keep it for conservation. These will keep your wines safe from the heat. Do not put the bottles in an upright position for its conservation. Each bottle should be placed in a lying position. This placement is important for having a good bottle of wine .

It is also not very wise to keep the bottle cap you have if its lifespan is not eternal. Wine corks can be damaged and alter the taste of the drink. To do this, it will have to be opened and leveled before placing the new cap. When storage conditions are not optimal, part of the wine may evaporate, causing the level to drop slightly.

Avoid for optimal conservation

In case your apartment is in big cities near a subway, high traffic road or railway, this is not the best place to keep wine bottles. The vibrations can fatigue the wine and accelerate its oxidation. If you have corks on your wine bottles, don't forget that these are permeable and allow ambient air to pass through. It would not be very wise for conservation to place the bottles near products with a very strong smell.

I make my choice of good bottles of wine!