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Offer an original gift: Father's Day

Offer an original gift for Father's Day

Finding an original gift for Father's Day is no small feat. In this case, we can sometimes count on sure values, gifts that will please and touch without a doubt. For example, you can think of a nice bottle of wine.

Offer a bottle of wine

Wine: an ideal gift for all occasions

Whether for Father's Day - in 2021, Sunday June 20 - or for a birthday, the wine bottle is suitable for any occasion and it is also suitable for all dads. By offering a bottle of wine, you are not only thinking of the person who will receive it: you are also thinking of those around him, because he will surely taste it with another person. The bottle of wine is a gift synonymous with conviviality and a moment to share. To please the person who will receive it, it will be necessary to choose the wine carefully.

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Which wine to choose?

If the wine was intended for you, the choice would not be complex, but again, it is not always easy to find a good wine. To choose the bottle, as with any other Father's Day gift, you must base yourself on the tastes and personality of the recipient.

You can probe the recipient (subtly so as not to arouse suspicion) about their tastes; or ask people around him. If the person is very classic and/or traditional, turn to a bottle of wine from a great appellation . Choose a quality Burgundy , Bordeaux or Côtes-du-Rhône wine such as Chateauneuf du Pape or Condrieu.

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In case the person is sensitive to novelty, forget these bottles and focus on a Languedoc wine . The Languedoc region offers a variety of wines and they are sold at accessible prices, which gives you the possibility of offering two bottles.

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If the person you are going to give this gift to is passionate about travel, play on that sensitive chord by giving a foreign wine. You can find a very good white wine or red wine from Argentina, Australia, Chile or California. In case you take a wine for laying down, you will have to tell your host so that he can keep it for a few years in order to have a better tasting. When you make your choice, do not hesitate to ask the seller about the characteristics, the origin of the wine or the domain or the terroir where it was produced. These indications can help you in your choice and lead you to a better bottle.

Where to buy this gift?

If you have an idea of ​​the ideal gift, you can go to a grocery store or supermarket that is near you. You will find many bottles of wine there and the prices can vary greatly. You will have to be very strict in your choice so as not to be mistaken. In case you haven't made your choice yet, it is better to go to a wine merchant. The latter will advise you on the present that will please the one who will receive it or he will offer a selection of gifts that may please. Upon purchase, he will also be able to offer you good quality packaging, which will be a plus for your gift. For this one to be original, don't forget to slip a small card to express your feelings.

You can also order online , you will combine: choice, advice, accessibility, possibility of putting a small card and a gift box.

Opt for convenience and offer a wine box

Even if you perfectly know the tastes and preferences of the recipient of this gift, it is not always easy to choose a bottle from this panoply. There are wines from such and such a region, appellation wines and wines from large estates. In this case, opt for the easy and take a box composed of six different bottles. There will surely be one of the bottles that will please him.

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A bottle of wine and some accessories

To have the ideal holiday gift, think about constituting it with a bottle of wine and some accessories. For Father's Day, please and create the surprise effect for the dad who will receive your present. If the gentleman is a big wine lover, impress him with a more "complete" gift. You can accompany the bottle of red wine with a "Bonde" wine decanter in blown glass. It is also possible to take a "Long Lady" decanter which can be used with champagne or wine. If you can't find a carafe that the recipient of this present will like, take a designer and original corkscrew. With the bottle of wine, it will make an unusual gift. You can also offer for Father's Day two or three bottles of wine with a bottle storage.

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