A personalized gift for Father's Day

Father's Day is the unique opportunity to make your dad the king of the day. Make him happy by offering him a delicious bottle of good and good wine from the Oé selection!

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Origin of the creation of Father's Day

4000 years ago, a Babylonian son, overwhelmed with love for his father, decided to express it by dedicating this sentence to him which he sculpted on clay: "I wish that you live a long and healthy life". . This testimony can probably be considered the first "Father's Day gift" in history.

A just mark of affection, without having had to invest money, which wins the heart of his father. Father's Day has its origins among Christians with Joseph. He is considered the putative father of Jesus. It is celebrated in Catholic countries on March 19, the day of Saint Joseph.

From the 16th century, the church associated its worship with the traditional Father's Day. In the United States, Father's Day was started by a young girl who wanted to honor her dad on his birthday. Indeed, his father was a former veteran and widower, he raised his children alone. She approached the church and explained her vow to honor her father on June 5. On the other hand, the priests decided to postpone this act to the third Sunday of the month of June. In 1972, it was officially adopted as a recognized national holiday.

Civilian Father's Day was created on June 19, 1910. It is celebrated on different dates around the world. In Germany, it is celebrated 40 days after Easter. In Argentina, it is the third Sunday of June. In Belgium, the second Sunday of June. It arrived in France through a lighter manufacturer in 1952. Its commercial slogan was later taken up by companies and the media. In the end, it is adopted on the third Sunday of June, although it has not been established anywhere. In general around the world, this celebration revolves around June 15 and 21.

Public surveys

In a survey, Father's Day is less celebrated than Mother's Day. These polls had to reveal this:

  • About 52% of those surveyed were not planning to offer gifts to mark the event, just contenting themselves with wishing a happy birthday.
  • Of the 48% wishing to give gifts; there is a lack of originality. 23% of people are content to buy a classic item of clothing, 14% of people, a bottle of wine purchased and 11% of people wish to offer a book.

An ideal Father's Day

Make every effort to make this day unforgettable and exceptional, just like your dad. It is true that this party does not raise so many people, only when you are aware of the sacrifices made by your father for you, it is clear that it is necessary to mark the occasion.

Father's Day is a special day! Why not mark the event? Create a personalized Father's Day:

- When midnight strikes, that's it! Today is Father's Day. So leave him a note at his bedside that he will read when he wakes up. This mark of affection will necessarily brighten up his day.

- Let him sleep in because it's his day after all.

- Wake up before him to prepare his favorite breakfast and bring it to his room.

- Plan a family activity. Take the opportunity to bring together all the dads in the family, not just yours.

- Go to a place that your dad loves: a picnic accompanied by a good wine, a barbecue, a sporting activity, fishing, cycling….

Oé organic wines offers you a wide choice of exceptional quality. Oé is a brand of wine that draws its delicate flavors from organic farming. You can taste the wines during a dinner or during an aperitif. Even the most shy won't resist its charm, don't they say that wine offends tongues! Discover Oé organic wines!

What gift for Father's Day?

There are no perfect Father's Day gift ideas. Depending on the age, there are various ways to please your dad:

A great gift idea for teenagers, why not a creative or DIY activity or board games with the family. You will have personalized t-shirts made or buy beer glasses as a gift.

For adults, why not offer a box of Oé wines selected according to your father's tastes? In which you will slip a pun that you have taken the time to write. Thus, your dad could take the time to taste it during a family dinner in a jovial atmosphere. You can add a key ring to this wine box.

This Father's Day could also be the subject of educating your father to consume organic. Like what eaten healthy is not always unpleasant and tasting it will mark the event.

Surprise him and surprise yourself by offering him organic wines handled in the most beautiful conditions, the organic culture prepared with all the love of the winemaker during the making of his ingredients.

The Oé range of organic wines offers a panoply of choices adaptable to all types of consumers. Thus, there is the choice, for example, between:

  • Blanc de blancs champagne from Domaine Robert Barbichon.
  • Côte-de-Bergerac: here, the subtle sensation of sugar in this mellow wine promotes perfect smoothness in the mouth for those who like the taste of sugar.
  • The red Languedoc : it spreads a spicy smell, to be consumed around a spicy meal.
  • The white Languedoc is comparable to a pure exotic fruit cocktail.

Does your dad like good wine? Discover Oe!