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Wine delivery as a gift

Whether for a special occasion, for Christmas, a birthday, a birth or for Father's Day, all occasions are good to offer a wine box as a gift. Wine is a unique and original gift that will surely please your loved ones. To keep the surprise effect, you can have the box delivered directly to your friend or loved one within 24 hours at the doorstep. Wine delivery is fast and carbon neutral!

Offer a gift box !

How to choose the bottle of wine to offer?

Need gift ideas for a friend, a relative, your significant other? You are in the right place. On the Oé range of organic wines, the choice is as simple as pie. So as not to be mistaken, Oé offers you a deliberately short range of wines. No need to have a lot of references when you have the right ones! Find our 10 vintages of organic, vegan and zero pesticide wine on . They have been selected and created with love by our committed winegrowers.

Also, compose your box of 6 wines as you wish: a wine from Bordeaux, a wine from Languedoc , a wine from Corbières... You choose the 6 wines that will make up your box. To offer wine is to offer a moment of sharing and conviviality to the people who will taste it. In short, it is the ideal gift for connoisseurs, amateurs or novices who enjoy opening a good bottle.

At Oé, we offer several cuvées: The red and white Côtes-du-Rhône , The red and white Bordeaux , The rosé Corbières , The red and white Languedoc , The rosé Mediterranean , The white Bugey and The Vaucluse Principality of Orange . Ideal for making a wine gift! You will find the typical grape varieties of each of the regions of our Oé wines: Syrah, Grenache, Mourvèdre, Marsanne, Roussane, Chardonnay , Caladoc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon , etc.

If you wish, the team is at your disposal to advise and support you in your selection of wines and to suggest food and wine pairings to suggest to wine lovers who will receive the box. We can also advise you on vegetarian dishes and recipes. For all orders , we deliver on working days , from Monday to Friday . The delivery time is 24 to 48 hours for France and around 72 hours for the European countries that we cover geographically speaking.

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Why offer Oé wines for any occasion? At Oé, we offer committed bottles from content to container. Oé wines are certified zero pesticides, the bottles come from the deposit as much as possible, the capsule normally made of a mixture of plastic, glue and aluminum has disappeared. Our boxes are produced 40 km from Lyon and are 100% recycled and recyclable. We wanted to do everything possible for the environment and the people around. This is our daily B Corp mission.


A very personalized gift

When you have chosen the bottle of wine that you are going to offer, Oé suggests that you personalize your gift. You can attach a note to the gift box. This word can vary depending on the occasion: birthday, birth, wedding, end-of-year celebrations, thanks, congratulations. It will be re-written by hand and slipped into the wine box. An original and personalized gift to offer wine to your loved ones.

Like any gift, the recipient will not receive the invoice for your order in the package, but you will receive it by email shortly after your order. If you want to have it delivered to your home to offer your wines from your hands, you can write to us at directly after placing your order or ask us directly instead of the space dedicated to the word you want to write.

I offer a wine box as a gift!

Behind each bottle hides a winemaker. We call them the Oé winegrowers, because we work with them hand in hand to produce your delicious cuvées. All wines are made with love, are organic, vegan, zero pesticides certified by the independent laboratory Capinov. Each winegrower has his story, and we invite you to meet some of them on video: Denis , Marie-Paule , Franck , François and Emmanuel .


Fast and reliable delivery

Delivery is very important to us. To satisfy you, we do our best to ensure that the delivery of your gift goes as smoothly as possible. All our shipments are made in recycled and recyclable cardboard with vegetable-based ink and all our operations are carbon neutral

With our partners, we are committed to delivering your gift wine box in 24-hour express delivery. We offer delivery to the address of your choice or to a relay point . Delivery in France is mainly by UPS and depending on the location or the customer, by Chronopost or Mondial Relay. Our mission: to offer lovers of organic wine a delivery service with small onions.

The box delivered must be in perfect condition: under no circumstances will the beneficiary receive a broken or corked bottle. If your gift box has some anomalies, you can refuse the package and write to us at so that we can find a solution to offer you as soon as possible. Thomas and Sonia from the team will answer you.

I offer a wine box delivered in 24 hours!

offer wine

Several delivery options

Always with a view to satisfying you, we offer more than one delivery method. In all cases, the bottles of wine you have ordered must arrive at your home as soon as possible, whether the delivery address is in Paris or in a region of metropolitan France.

If the delivery address is outside France, orders are dispatched within 48h-72h throughout Europe depending on the delivery zone and on working days. We make sure to be very responsive to deliver to you as soon as possible. If you wish to place an order in larger quantities to celebrate an occasion, do not hesitate to write to us so that we can give you the best advice on the quantities, the cuvées to choose from and the food and wine pairings to offer to the guests.

Regarding the price of wine delivery , it changes depending on the options chosen. To have it delivered to your home, the delivery costs are free from 6 bottles, otherwise the shipping costs are 7€. At a pick-up point, shipping costs are free from 6 bottles and cost €6 below.

home delivery

You have the choice of receiving or delivering your box of wines to your home, your place of work or to the address of your choice. If you choose this shipping method, you must enter your email and your telephone number: you will be informed of the tracking of your package. If you prefer to offer wine by hand in a gift box, the team advises you to have your good wine delivered directly to your home to offer it yourself because nothing beats a gift offered by hand (except when you can't move).

If you live in a rural or underserved area, and have already experienced delivery problems with several carriers, please let us know when placing your order. We can advise you or adapt ourselves to ensure a satisfactory delivery. Sometimes, we recommend the relay point instead when it is located at a reasonable distance from your home.

You have a question ? Write to us at !

Relay point delivery

For delivery, we also work with relay points. If you choose this shipping method, you must also give the beneficiary's telephone number or email address, because when the package is at the indicated relay point, he will receive an SMS or email notification to pick it up.

The recipient can then pick up their package within 14 days. If he does not pick up the box, the package will be returned to us and we will inform you. For a surprise, the Oé team advises you to receive the package at home and bring it by hand. If the person is too far from your home or if you cannot be available for the occasion, we suggest that you slip a handwritten note from you into the wine box or the box.

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When you place an order on the site, the choice of the relay point is made once the order has been validated. A map of partner relay points will be offered to you according to the stores and grocery stores located near you. Once the relay point has been chosen, all you have to do is wait for your order. If you forget to enter the relay point of your choice, the point closest to the postal address entered when placing your order will be chosen by default.

Follow-up of the delivery of your wine box

We offer you the possibility to follow the delivery of your wine box. As soon as the bottles leave our platform, you will receive a notification by email. In this email, you will have an active link which will redirect you to the address of the carrier as well as the number of your parcel. By typing this parcel number, you will be able to track the shipment. To ensure delivery, you can also contact our after-sales service by phone or by email at

Treat yourself to a wine box of 2 bottles of great wines : red wines, white wines, rosés and enjoy the happiness of a convivial moment around a tasting with family, friends or with the person who shares your life. If this box is a gift box , you will also receive the tracking number for this package by email.

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