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The “Green” label is revolutionizing the entire way French people consume . From the way of dressing to the food ingested, and this, through the purchase of mineral water, we want everything to be ORGANIC. This trend is also found in the production of wine in Lot et Garonne.

Their neighbors in Languedoc are also going organic!

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Organic wine in France

With a production figure of 43.5 hectoliters last year, the country can only deserve its title as the second largest exporter and consumer of wine worldwide . Italy remaining undefeated, this increase in volume is not due to chance.

This success, France owes it above all to organic wines . Indeed, despite the success of French Bordeaux on an international scale, the sector has recently tended to soften. A good facelift then becomes essential and we could not have hoped for better than a product with an organic label.

It only took 5 short years (2007 to 2012) to increase the national wine-growing area by 188% . The scale of demand is such that many entrepreneurs are now entering the sector. Of course, the business is not without risk.

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Viticulture goes green in Lot et Garonne

If the protection of the environment has never been the least of the worries of the former industrialists, the hour is for repentance. This is why, in France as anywhere in the world, we immediately fall for products with the mentions “Be friendly” or even “AB” Agriculture Biologique . These little acronyms work wonders on sale.

In Lot et Garonne, efforts have been made to reduce the chemical products used in the plantations as much as possible . Some claim to use only fertilizers from floral decomposition to maintain their vines. This is the case, for example, of the Domaine de Quissat, which, still according to him, would add sulfur and copper to its formula.

Château Belles Filles in the south of the Dordogne is a precursor in the use of essential oils on their vines.

"The results make it possible to divide by 2 the doses of copper per hectare, and by 10 the doses of sulfur." François de Conti, winemaker at Château Belles Filles

In short, ordinary products, nothing more. The others will prefer to eliminate a large part of the pesticides and replace them with predatory species such as the little owl (typical of the region) or the bat.

According to the Vignerons de Buzet, this is the smartest way to adhere to the concept. The burdens are reduced and above all, one has the satisfaction of participating in the conservation of the ecosystem which is invaluable.

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New customers in the crosshairs of producers

The wine producers of department 47 decide to move. After the “ sulfite-free ” trick on the packaging of certain products, organic Lot et Garonne wine is now vegan.

If usually, the fining of wine requires the use of eggs , it should be noted that it remains a 100% animal product, some houses today manage to do without it.

To each his own technique, but according to the winegrowers of Buzet, there would be no better than pea flour to reform this traditional method . In this way, the cooperative aspires to meet the needs of customers if, for example, only vegans were mentioned.

Realizing the pollution produced by the exploitation of meat in the world, more and more French people are getting into it, even if it means excluding the product from their food system. This new label is then synonymous with hope for many local producers, in search of notoriety in the sector.

Indeed, if the "without sulphites", alone, allowed the expansion of millions of bottles in Poland, Buzet hopes to conquer the North of Europe, and why not North America, regions where its new targets.

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lot et garonne organic wine

Where to find good organic Lot et Garonne wine?

Concentrated red wine, fruity rosé wine or subtle white wine, there is nothing easier than finding good organic Lot et Garonne wine.

Here is a list of the good addresses of local producers and wine merchants where you can buy them.

  • Sainte-Maure-de-Peyriac
  • Armagnac Farm
  • Domaine Elian Da Ros in Cocument,
  • Suzanne Lemaire in Meilhan-sur-Garonne,
  • Durant and Petit Malromé estates in Saint-Jean-de-Duras.

These addresses are essential, especially if you want to taste your red wine while enjoying a panorama typical of the southwest of France.

Moreover, a short visit to the region's vineyards is never displeasing, especially for a gastronomic trip. And if you get a little lost, nothing beats asking a professional for advice on the subject, such as the one in Beaupuy, for example, where you can discover the Cave du Marmandais. Tastings are offered in addition by the houses.

Buyers also have the option of calling on professionals such as Oé, which offers quality wines with organic certification.


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