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The Languedoc region and organic wine

The headache after drinking one or two glasses of wine is due to the sulphites contained in it.

If you are one of these people, turn to organic Languedoc wines. Their sulphite content is lower: in red wine , it is limited to 100 mg per liter while in a classic wine, this quantity goes up to 160 mg per litre.

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For this article, we will focus more on the organic wines of Languedoc and on this production.

Wine production in the Languedoc Roussillon region

Long known mainly for its table wines, the wines of Languedoc have not always been considered the best wines of France and recognized at their fair value. This time is over because the Languedoc vineyard has evolved a lot! Thanks to pioneers like Francine Grill, the first winemaker to bottle fine Languedoc wine , this wine region has gained a lot of value over the years and has had some very good vintages . Today, the winegrowers are highlighting their typical terroir through extensive work on both viticulture and winemaking.

They use a wide variety of grape varieties to produce white red wines and even powerful and expressive rosé wines with notes bursting with fruit:

  • Grenache white
  • Shiraz
  • Carignan
  • Mourvèdre
  • Clairette
  • Viognier
  • Picpoul

The Languedoc Roussillon vineyard has 26 AOC wine appellations, we can distinguish among all:

  • AOC Saint-Chinian
  • AOC Clairette du Languedoc
  • AOC Costieres Nimes
  • AOC Pic Saint Loup
  • AOC Languedoc
  • AOC Maury
  • AOC Côtes de Roussillon
  • AOC Clape

There are also 26 IGP wine appellations including:

  • IGP pays d'oc with 20 wines
  • the IGP Sable de Camargue with 17 wines
  • IGP Côtes de Thau
  • IGP Coteaux du Libron
  • Paradise Valley PGI

Languedoc wines and Roussillon wines have it in the bottle but not only. They are also respectful of the environment, so let's now talk about the transition from Languedoc vineyards to organic farming.

Languedoc vineyards

Languedoc-Roussillon towards organic farming

Nearly a third of the organic vineyards of all of France are found in the Languedoc Roussillon region. This culture has about 20,000 hectares of vines , which puts this region in first place in the list of regions with vineyards in organic farming .

There are more than 100 million bottles of Languedoc which have obtained the organic label. This success of organic viticulture in the Languedoc Roussillon region can be translated by the dry climate of this region which is very favorable to the development of the vines and which keeps them away from diseases.

Here is the ideal article to understand everything about natural wines

Wines from organic farming

Organic wine is often confused with biodynamic wine and natural wine.

Remember that organic wine comes from organic farming and it is distinguished by the absence or the tiny amount of chemicals used in the vineyards until it is bottled.

In the wine department, organic wines are distinguished by the small logo of the AB (Organic Farming) label . The latter guarantees that the vines that have been used for the wine have been grown without pesticides or chemicals. Winegrowers who display this logo must follow European regulations RCE 834/2007 and RCE 889/2008. Winemaking is also subject to very strict practices.

The use of certain chemical products is however authorized for the treatment against certain diseases , but the quantity of these products is very limited to remain in the biological spirit.

Discover our selection of organic wines

Bring a bottle of organic Languedoc wine to the table

To impress your guests during a meal, choose the right bottle to put on the table and for this, we will choose some Languedoc wines and not just any, because they are organic .

Our good Languedoc red produced hand in hand with Marie-Paule is perfect with beef (carpaccio or grilled), pasta with sauce (plate of Sicilian caponattas, ravioli in tomato sauce) or moussaka. This blend of Grenache, Carignan and Syrah offers you a trip to the Languedoc scrubland. This organic Languedoc wine will surprise you with its freshness and sweetness.

Le Languedoc

10,80 €

Grenache • Syrah • Carignan

At Marie-Paule we produce good organic Languedoc wine for everyone and we also think of white wine lovers . As for white wine, taste it with snails, smoked trout or small goat cheeses with Provençal herbs. Of course, organic Languedoc wine resonates with the sun and is perfect for aperitifs on the terrace!

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To accompany your dishes of Mediterranean cuisine, or a simple board of fine charcuterie, this Languedoc is the ideal companion. Produced in the heart of the Hérault region, this organic wine lulled by the song of the cicadas is a blend of two typical southern grape varieties with Spanish and Italian airs: Grenache blanc and Vermantino.

Some of the domains, appellations and good organic wines of Languedoc

If you want to complete your wine collection and you plan to taste it after a few years, choose the AOC Saint-Chinian – Babeau Bouldoux – Domaine la Servelière – Le Rêve de mon père.

This red wine was made from Syrah, Grenache and Mourvèdre. Its color is very deep with shades of black cherry skins with intense purple reflections . On the nose, this wine gives off a smell of blackcurrant, dark chocolate with fine spicy notes. In the mouth, you will feel its concentration and its fleshy side. The tannins are very present, but they remain very supple. To fully appreciate your tastings of this red wine from Domaine la Servelière, it is advisable to decant it at least an hour and a half before serving it.

If you plan to serve a Mediterranean dish at the table with grilled or cooked vegetables, opt for the red wine La Liquière – Amandiers Rouge – 2016. The latter is made from Carignan, Syrah, Grenache and Mourvèdre. Its dress is intense red with purplish reflections. When you pour this wine into a glass, you will smell the fruity and mineral notes .

On tasting, it gives off a great aromatic freshness with fresh red fruits, which makes it so delicious.

For an aperitif with goat cheese, you can also choose a white wine from Domaine des Clos de Boutes - Carignan Blac, 2014 . It was mainly composed of white carignan from organic farming. It is a wine of pleasure and gastronomy that you can also serve with fish, shellfish, and white meats in cream. In the mouth, you will feel an unparalleled freshness.

Food and wine pairings are always a pleasure to share. Find our favorite recipes on our blog .

For an aperitif, you can also choose a white wine Olivier Pithon – Mon P'tit Pithon Blanc – 2016 . It was produced by blending Maccabeu, Grenache Blanc and Grenache Gris. Its brilliant yellow color already reflects gluttony. On the palate, it also offers a lot of freshness.

To accompany a platter of charcuterie and grilled meats, take a red wine Ancienne Mercerie – Les Petites Mains 2015 . In this wine, you will find Carignan, Syrah, Grenache and Mourvèdre.

When you open the bottle, you will smell floral notes of menthol and aromas of red and black fruits. On the palate, this wine is very tender and fresh.

We particularly appreciate wines from the South for the freshness and lightness they bring to the mouth. If you are looking for oaky , more consistent and more complex wines, wines produced to be kept for a long time, aged in wooden barrels , will better meet your expectations. Instead, turn to other wine regions that have made it a specialty!


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