Which organic mineral wine to choose? Our selection by color (white, rosé, red)

At the start of 2021, Oé invites you to escape... A gustatory journey as diverse as it is surprising thanks to our collection of organic wines that will respect nature and your palate. Culinarily speaking, France is a wonderful country with its wide variety of products, and yet, it is not always easy to find the nuggets that will delight your palate among the local products available to us.

At Oé we have therefore decided to work with a handful of committed winegrowers who wish to share the flavors of their regions with you. Depending on the grape variety, the vintage and the terroir, the flavors of the wine vary. In France, we produce white, red and rosé wine and also sparkling wines such as champagne, crémant and sparkling wines.

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Pinot blanc • Pinot noir • Riesling

If you're like us, then you'll have no problem swapping the blue, white, red flag for pink, white, red. But what is hidden behind each color?

What is a mineral wine?

To begin, let's see together what a mineral wine is . First, you should know that the minerality of a wine is similar to a feeling. It's that mouthfeel , when you take a sip, of licking a flint. You haven't licked a lot of flints in your life? We reassure you, neither do we... but don't panic, trust your instincts ;)

The sensation of salinity is also indicative of minerality . It may seem strange, even unpleasant, but on the contrary, it is a rather positive notion in the world of wine. It denotes a certain complexity which is generally raised when one finds that the wine has a little more, difficult to describe. In fact, the aspect of minerality comes from the terroir . To nourish the grapes , the roots of the vines seek nutrients from the soil , and certain terroirs (Kimmeridgian) can give this minerality.

With the Oé team, we love to marry our bottles of wine with dishes that go well. To be sure not to go wrong, you can associate the culinary specialties of a region with the wine that reflects its terroir . Sometimes, we also like to play with the aromas of wines ( sweet, acid, grape, tannins and alcohol) with those of food (fat, acid, salty, sweet and bitter ). You can choose to intensify the similarities between wine and food, or create balance by contrasting flavors .

It's not always easy to find the right dish to pair with the right wine (or rather the right wine to taste with your dish). Then you've come to the right place to discover the nuggets offered by the Oé team!

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Our selection of organic mineral rosé wine

The softness of the sun on the skin, the freshness of the rosé which pearls along the glass and between the fingers... memories of summer Saturday evenings between the song of the cicadas and the light breath of the mistral. Are you there? We absolutely! So we offer you our best cuvées of organic mineral wine perfect for your sweet evenings and summer barbecues.

The Mediterranean , produced at Brice, also goes very well with a barbecue or a plancha. Its notes of tangy red berries on the palate and its smell of citrus fruits and white flowers will perfectly accompany your sunny afternoons. It is perfect for your aperitifs with its fruity notes . Rosé wines can be enjoyed throughout the year, in moderation.

Further to the west of France, in Languedoc-Roussillon, Le Corbières made with love by Marie-Paule goes perfectly with tians of sunny vegetables with aromatic herbs thanks to its notes of red fruits and its nose of berries. wood !


Our selection of organic mineral white wine

White wine, between us, is still a good friend. He knows how to do it, among other things, with seafood! Light and discreet, it also manages to find its place in the middle of a good mushroom risotto, greedy and unctuous. To tell you a secret, at Oé, we love to combine it with different dishes but we also like to taste it solo. The different levels of sweetness of this type of wine make it authentic and allow us to appreciate it in all its forms: from dry to syrupy . Depending on the food and wine pairings you want to make, prefer one wine to another so that the whole thing is pleasant to you. White wine also has a variable acidity of its own that comes into its own in food and wine pairings. Our Bugey developed by Claire and Stéphane is the ideal companion for a raclette with friends. You can also opt for a warm goat cheese salad paired with our white Bordeaux to be the king of the party.

Sugar is the first flavor revealed by the tongue, it is this characteristic that will determine if your wine is rather dry or sweet . 

-       The least sweet are dry wines , which, like red wines , contain less than 4 grams of sugar per litre.

-       Then there are semi-dry wines that contain between 4 and 12 grams of sugar per litre.

-       Sweet wines and semi-sweet wines contain between 12 and 45 grams of sugar per litre.

-       Finally, sweet wines , or sweet wines , contain more than 45 grams of sugar per litre.

Source: The French wine magazine

For a sweet wine, with a high sugar content, foie gras, blue and fruity cheeses as well as cooking with mild spices are very good duos. To enjoy your dessert, you need to avoid bitterness or acidity . For this, it is important to be careful that your wine is sweeter than your dessert so that the whole remains pleasant in the mouth . You can find our Côtes-de-Bergerac on the South-West side , a mellow and sweet wine that will delicately tickle your taste buds at the end of the meal.

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You can also marry your fish, white meats and pan-fried vegetables with a dry white . It can also accompany some fatty cheeses such as Brillat Savarin or Brie.

Sancerre is a wine produced in the Loire vineyards and is a very good option to impress your table. Occitanie also has very good wines and you can notably find the red Languedoc , a dry wine that will delight your guests as an aperitif.

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Our selection of organic mineral red wine

Red wine , baguette, cheese, there's no denying it, it's a must in our house... But not only!

When you make a food and wine pairing, your wine is there to accompany your dish, to sublimate it and not to overwhelm it. Finding a balance between the strength of your food as well as that of your wine is essential for the association to be successful.

Some wines produced from Cabernet Sauvignon , Malbec or Syrah grapes have a high tannin content (You know, tannins are the molecules naturally present in wine that dry out the mouth?). To balance this sensation, they can be accompanied by fairly fatty products that will facilitate tasting .

Red wine can also accompany fish if and only if the latter is light like a pinot noir from Alsace for example so as not to alter the delicacy of the fish. Red wine goes best with grilled fish or fish cooked with wine. Red wine offers many pairing possibilities and allows you to have fun playing with textures and aromas.

France, home to a great diversity of mineral wine

The majority of wines today come from blends of different grape varieties ( black grape varieties and white grape varieties ) which allows you to discover the characteristics of each cuvée (lightness, sweetness, roundness, power). The best way to find the wine that suits you is to participate in tastings , and even to organize one at home. Wine is above all a moment of pleasure that is shared. Make a selection of wines by varying the grape varieties , that is to say the type of grape, and by varying the colors to find the balance that suits you. Then play on the associations that suit you to impress your guests and make your pucks dance .

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France is a country rich in its terroirs, which offers a lot of diversity to its wines . You will be able to find for example, all along the Loire Valley, magnificent stretches of vines which have a different face from those which produce the wines of Alsace or Burgundy such as Riesling or Chablis . The South of France is also well known for its vines, especially in Provence among the lavender fields or much further west with the wines of Languedoc-Roussillon and then Bordeaux .

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We would like to explore its four cardinal points… France has many surprises in store for us. You just have to look a little at the terroir , the land on which the vines grow, to understand that, even under your feet, the soil has its secrets.

Beyond the technical details, you may have sometimes heard of the notion of minerality in a wine, which is in fact a more subjective than scientific notion. We often find this impression of minerality on wines that are located further north of France, especially in white wines from the Loire Valley such as Sancerre , Muscadet and many others...

At Oé, wine is a passion and we work with our winegrowers to offer you the best organic mineral wines and natural wines . You can find on our site organic Bordeaux wines , organic Languedoc wines , organic Vaucluse wines , organic Provence wines , organic Côtes du Rhône wines and many others...