What organic wine to offer a woman and how to choose it well?

"Don't let her down

She's so fragile

Being a liberated woman you know is not so easy”

You'd think this Cookie Dingler song was meant for a bottle of wine. A beautiful bottle of white, silky and refined , you must not let it down. On the other hand, it is an ideal gift for your wife! ;)

The ideal type of wine to offer

To offer a bottle that pleases, you must not rely on the gender of the person but on his character , his tastes , his identity ... To please every time, make sure that the wine is of quality and picture of the person receiving it.

A good organic wine or a biodynamic wine

Organic wines , biodynamic wines and natural wines have an extra touch that conventional wines do not have, a harmony between the winemaker, the wine and the terroir. You could almost compare it to the Umami of Japanese culture , this indescribable taste that reflects the balance of flavors and passion.

Making a good wine requires a real mastery of viticulture and vinification so to choose your wine do not rely solely on the label, find out about the associations of grape varieties , the maintenance of the terroirs and the viticulture methods used. on the domain.

Biodynamics is more than a technique of viticulture, it is a philosophy, an almost magical working method based on lunar cycles , an exclusive use of natural substances and a land shared between man, wildlife and nature. flora. Biodynamics is in perfect agreement with natural wines and organic wines which exclude any chemical pesticide, strongly limit the addition of sulphites or even completely eliminate them as for healthy natural wines (without any added inputs or sulphites) . To produce natural wines , the winegrowers also push the approach even further by harvesting the grapes only by hand without using technology and machines.

Organic wines, biodynamic wines and natural wines are perfect for pleasing a loved one sensitive to ecology and respect for natural and responsible work. This is an opportunity to start interesting discussions around a good bottle and to offer a gourmet pleasure that will please everyone!

Red wine, white wine, rosé and sparkling wine

THE big question before giving a bottle as a gift to a loved one is to know what their favorite types of wine are.

Red wines , produced from black grape varieties , offer endless possibilities. Produced in all the wine regions of France, this wine is a must. The young wines, with an intense purplish color, bring punch to the tasting . The wines for laying down , which have rested well for several years in your good organic wine cellar, diffuse their wisdom and their aromatic complexity . More delicate on the palate , the tannins have softened and their alcohol content has decreased to make your senses travel gently.

The ray of sunshine streaming through your glass of white wine sounds almost like a divine sign. White wines love both black and white grape varieties , no jealousy for the grapes or for wine lovers as there are so many varieties. Liquorious, mellow, semi-dry, dry , it would take us years to tell the strengths of each of these wines. Between the essential yellow wine of the Jura, the variety of Muscat d'Alsace , the expressiveness of the terroirs to bring a mineral taste to certain good white wines or the international recognition of the famous Chardonnay grape variety , the white wine has not finished surprise us and seduce us.

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Offering a good rosé for an aperitif is like scoring a goal at the last minute of a football match, the crowd rises to applaud you, it's faultless, you packed the evening! At Oé, we love rosé wines and we think that this wine is unanimous everywhere it goes. To drink alone or accompanied, this wine has the gift of transporting us to happy memories so do not hesitate to make it a great choice to offer it as a gift.

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How to talk about wines to offer without highlighting sparkling wines and their finesse . These wines, so special and unique, used to celebrations and good news, are safe bets to please your loved ones. Combining elegance and power , sparkling wines are known all over the world thanks to an essential French wine province, champagne of course! Make sure the person you're giving the bottle to is a bubbly fanatic , though . ;)

Le Crémant

15,80 €

Pinot blanc • Pinot noir • Riesling

Aromas of wine: organic wine reveals its identity

Sensitive to the beauty of white flowers, touched by the acidity of citrus fruits, convinced of the delicacy of red fruits, there are a thousand and one reasons to love this or that aroma .

Choosing a good wine to offer is not an easy task, sometimes you have to trust your instincts and refer to your own memories. Grape varieties , appellations and terroirs are all three clues to play the game of smells with wine. For example, the wines of the South-East are inspired by scrubland landscapes, you can also appreciate the citrus aromas they reveal, as in our Mediterranean in Provence.

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Knowing the vineyard and the surroundings of the winery allows you to know what aromas you can find in the wine.

Floral , fruity and vegetal notes are very present in young wines, and wines aged in stainless steel or concrete vats to preserve the freshness of the aromas . When they are aged in oak barrels, the wines develop woody , candied fruit and smoked aromas , an aromatic bouquet filled with gluttony and pleasure.

The aromas give a real identity to the wine, just like its color and the sensation it gives in the mouth . Light , round , supple , tannic , so many personality traits for a wine to satisfy your desires and your preferences .

Wine, a source of pleasure

Mother 's Day , Valentine's Day or Christmas . Of course, there are many occasions to offer a gift, but ultimately, do we need that to please our loved ones ?

Chef's meal

The coronavirus will have shown us at least something, we are all able to cook at home like chefs. So why not take the opportunity to accompany it all with a nice bottle ?

If you are invited to a dinner party, bringing a bottle of wine always makes a good impression. If you are also aiming for the right food and wine pairings , it 's the icing on the cake !

For an aperitif, opt for a good rosé which will bring a touch of sunshine to this pleasant moment .

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White wine is an unfailing ally to accompany dishes based on fish and seafood.

Le Côtes-du-Rhône

11,10 €

Grenache blanc • Roussanne

Red meat and red wine have two major points in common, they share the same color and above all their generosity in the mouth .

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A festive dinner is washed down with a nice bottle of sparkling wine . Pop the cork , froth the flutes and dance to the rhythm of the bubbles , who says better?

Le Crémant

15,80 €

Pinot blanc • Pinot noir • Riesling

Now that we've given you a few ideas, always keep in mind that everyone's tastes and colors are unique. Do not generalize: the salad is not necessarily for Madame and the burger for Monsieur; just as sweet wines sometimes appeal more to Monsieur and tannic red wines to Madame. Each his own !

To make an original gift and add special attention, you can accompany the bottle of wine you wish to offer with a recipe that goes well with this wine. If you are short of inspiration, know that a typical regional dish always goes very well with a regional wine. A good Bordeaux Blanc will be perfect to accompany a nice plate of Bordeaux mussels , a Côtes-du-Rhône will be delighted alongside an andouillette and a cassoulet served with a nice bottle of Languedoc-Roussillon is a guaranteed hit!

The ideal gift: good organic wine

Projecting yourself on a single bottle is sometimes difficult and we can understand you, wine is so good that we always want more. The gift box is a good option to offer the person of your choice a selection of good wines to discover several flavors and typicalities .

You can also turn to a wine subscription like that, it's Christmas every month! The excitement of unwrapping a package is almost incomparable so when it is repeated twelve times a year, we go for it, especially when we know that there is wine under the packaging.

For the most travelers, you can also offer them a ticket for the wine route . Crossing our beautiful wine regions while enjoying a good wine tasting in the evening, the good life, isn't it?

There are also unique experiences like a custom blend to make your own wine. In addition to learning a lot about viticulture and winemaking , you have the unique chance to create your authentic cuvée, the class.

We also give you a little tips to please every time with an original gift idea . Offer a vintage from the person's native region and the vintage of their year of birth, it's a guaranteed masterstroke!

Discover our selection of organic, good and committed wines by taking your palate on a journey with our Côtes-du-Rhône , Languedoc , Bordeaux , Vaucluse Principality of Orange and Mediterranean of Provence .