Which organic vegetal wine to choose? Our selection by color (white, rosé, red)

“I have good tobacco in my snuff box, I have good tobacco you won't get any.”

Well, we know one who doesn't just have tobacco in his bag...

He has more than one trick up his sleeve and more than one aroma in his bottle . You found ? Yes, it's our friend wine !

Where does this vegetal taste in wine come from?

Winemaking : the work of the winemaker for an explosion of flavors

A vegetal side in my wine? There is a wolf, it's not possible… no, no, we reassure you, no wolf or even grass, simply grapes that express the history of their terroir and their grape varieties.

To make good wine, the bunches of grapes , lovingly separated from their vines by the winegrowers, are destined to be vinified, this is called vinification . During the different stages of this vinification, the aromas of the wine develop and change. The wine never stops evolving, even when it sleeps in your cellar , it continues to work to offer you beautiful surprises on the nose and on the palate . Nice no? ;)

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The grape varieties and the terroirs

Between a ch'ti and a Marseilles there are certainly common points, but also some differences. The country is the same, the sun is the same (or almost), the language is the same except for a few dialects, and yet, many things change. It's the same thing for wine. If from the outside, the vines look alike, in the background, they each have their specificities and the place in which they grow has a great influence on the taste and the quality of the wine it produces. For example, white wines from grape varieties that grew in the Hérault, have a minerality due to the limestone present in the scrubland . The aromatic palette of the wine is therefore a reflection of its terroir . Mirror, mirror… my beautiful mirror, tell me what is my terroir?!

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What are the vegetal aromas of an organic wine?

Organic wine vegetable aromas: the carelessness of youth

Unlike woody aromas , for example, certain vegetal aromas are present in the wine from the start. There is one moreover which is a bit of a debate, it is that of the green pepper , which is not always appreciated by everyone… we can understand. But vegetable aromas , there are plenty and very pleasant in the mouth . That of spearmint, for example, gives a lot of freshness to the wine. The vegetal notes are numerous and mixed with fruity aromas and floral notes , we can tell you that it is a bouquet garni of pleasure!

Imagine the countryside, the setting sun, the horses along the horizon, the grass dancing to the sound of the wind and the smell of hay tickling your nostrils... Are you there?

Organic wine plant aromas: the robustness of wisdom

The final stages of winemaking after fermentation are maturing and ageing . This is the time when the wine rests before pouring everything into the glass. Are you more of a cozy bed? We do too… but wine is more of a fan of vats or barrels for resting, each to their own!

When it is aged in oak barrels , its tannins soften and it develops beautiful tertiary aromas such as tobacco, vanilla or dried fruit for example.

Where the primary aromas are more reminiscent of fresh herbs and cut herbs , the tertiary aromas are more reminiscent of cooked herbs or even dried herbs .

They also take us into the undergrowth between the oaks that caress the sky and the truffles that bloom in the flowerbed. If you're not too much of a walker, don't worry, vegetable wine can also transport you to your cozy armchair, by the fire with notes of tea , infusions of aromatic herbs ...

The wine can also present smells of spinach , artichoke , asparagus ... A whole symphony of vegetal notes that put the wine in your mouth!

Have fun with red wines , white wines and rosé wines

"It takes little to be happy

Really very little to be happy

You have to satisfy yourself with the necessary

A bit of wine and greenery

What nature gives us

A few rays of honey and sunshine.”

At Oé, we like when it's good and good, so we focus on the essentials. Good food and wine pairings , a few friends and a drink in hand!

And you? How about a good glass of dry , fine and light white wine accompanied by a slice of fresh cheese with herbs for an aperitif ? To balance the acidity that wine and herbs can bring, you can accompany everything with a few bits of sweet melon and voila!

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Treat yourself to our 100% Chardonnay Bugey !

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You can also choose a sweet or sweet wine , which, accompanied by a good Pavlova , will leave you speechless ...

You don't see the time passing when you contemplate the beautiful color of a red wine . So we suggest you accompany it with a good eggplant caviar which is as good hot as it is cold. This dish with Lebanese flavors goes perfectly with our red Côtes-du-Rhône . The frank attack of this wonderful blend of Grenache, Syrah and Carignan with notes of black fruits and spices made more than one happy. Enough to titillate the taste buds of the whole table!

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Do the scents of citrus fruits , sweets and forest fruits warm your heart? We do too… and when they're in a chilled glass of rosé , it's even better! It's tasting time with our Corbières rosé, the lover of summer vegetables. It is expressive and very fresh on the palate . Our Méditerranée de Provence , a gentle blend of the power of Syrah , the finesse of Caladoc and the roundness of Merlot, is a delight with a barbecue or a plancha.

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