5 raisons de proposer les vins bio Oé à vos futurs mariés 

5 reasons to offer Oé organic wines to your bride and groom

They are looking for nuggets for their wedding: wines that will delight the guests and start the festivities. The team gives you a topo on the 5 reasons to offer Oé organic wines to future bride and groom!

Wines from committed winegrowers

Between pollution, overconsumption and global warming, the balance sheet of the planet is not the best. By regularly exchanging with our certified organic and biodynamic winegrowers, this gives hope. They make a daily commitment to respect the planet by using green manures to prevent diseases and supply the soil with good nutrients. They generally work in polyculture: they plant something else around their vines such as olive trees, truffle oaks, strawberries, aromatic herbs and sometimes farm saler cattle, wheat fields or various cereals. Some of our winegrowers also use photovoltaic panels to supply themselves with renewable energy and some put up nesting boxes for birds and bats. The list is not exhaustive, and it is all these actions that help make the difference.



When creating Oé wines, we had them analyzed by the Capinov Institute for 425 molecules: there are no pesticide residues. Royal to start a life for two with good and healthy wine. And concretely, in addition to being better for health, the terroir - the place, the soil, the climate - is better reflected in the wine. Let's drink BETTER!

Good wine that reflects the terroir

We know today that it is possible to produce delicious wines, without pesticides, thanks to biodiversity and above all to the desire of winegrowers to protect their vines differently. Pheromone diffusers to avoid grape worms, weather stations to predict climatic episodes and treat mildew - vine leaf disease - only if necessary, herbal teas to prevent diseases, etc. are just as many methods which make it possible to limit the use of inputs harmful to health.

No more hangovers with organic wines

Most of our wines are without added sulphites (SO2) , more commonly known as sulphites or sulphur. They are the ones who give headaches and stomachaches after a drunken evening. “You have to drink in moderation: with alcohol the party is crazier, but for your health, it is better to know when to stop” according to Valérie our oenologist.

Delivery in 48 hours throughout France and 72 hours in Europe

The stocks of our wines are with us, we take care of the logistics. And more particularly Thomas who oversees the pole with Fx. As we have no intermediary once the wine is stored with us, we deliver quickly. We have the wines tasted before delivery, either on our premises or we send them to your customers.

Delivery Where

And if you still had doubts, they talk about it for us… 😍

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