L'engagement social chez Oé

Social commitment at Oé

“Make me a coffee and those photocopies” . If this is the sweet voice of your boss ringing in your head like the voice of Miranda in the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”, it's time to change your business.

It is possible to go to work every day with a smile (it is tested and approved at Oé). We can even make things change and get involved in worthy causes.

So no, I'm still not talking about a romantic movie where Hugh Grant can arrive at any time to offer you a coffee break. I am describing a committed company , with a mission, which takes into account a lot of things (including the environment, you will see the planet is cool) to develop super good products.

At Oé, social issues are at the heart of our activity . We want to make things happen and for that we think about each of our actions. Here are some of the actions that make us a meaningful company .

Oé: A B Corp company

It's a pretty nice name “B Corp”, even if it sounds more like a chemical formula than the name of the most demanding CSR label in the world.

Simply put, the B Corp label is a global movement that has been promoting the most responsible companies since 2006. The mission of B Corp companies is to make a positive contribution to society. To be the best for the world but not necessarily the best in the world.

By becoming a B Corp you don't just get a nice label. We are embarking on a demanding and exciting path of transformation , essential to meet the challenges of our time!

How to obtain the B Corp label?

To obtain the B Corp label, the company must respect standards around 5 main pillars :

  • The mission, the company's commitment and its transparency with both its employees and its customers
  • Ensure well-being at work and fair remuneration for employees
  • The social and economic impact of the company
  • Actions carried out by the company for the environment and biodiversity
  • The value created for its customers 

The company answers 200 questions and is rated on all these topics. She must obtain a score higher than 80 points. So we are very proud of our 97.9 points obtained in 2020 (compared to 82 points obtained in 2017).

To be able to keep this label it is necessary to show the improvements of the company every 3 years . This makes this label difficult to keep and pushes organizations to aim ever higher ("to infinity and beyond" as a certain Buzz Lightyear would say) and be agents of change!


Our social commitments:

Although we are very committed to biodiversity with various actions such as theProgram for biodiversity; or the MiiMOSA crowdfunding campaign ; today we have chosen to talk to you about Oé's social commitments.

Oh, I want to work too!

We have a chance at Oé, it is that one of our great colleagues has a disability . And that is cool. Cool because he teaches us as much as we teach him, cool because the exchanges are all the richer than simple, cool because in his job he's a crack!

And this meeting would not have been possible without Connect . Connect is a service offered by Adapei 69 which makes it possible to make the link between ESATs and companies. The adapei 69 is a group of ESAT (Establishment and Service of Help through Work). Connect helps people with disabilities find the right place and businesses find the right person.

And as we love it, we invite you to read a little testimonial from Sonia , our internal logistics referent who works every day alongside our colleague.

“It brings us a lot of humility. Working with someone who has so many difficulties but who fights to succeed puts the ideas in place.

He arrived here where there is reflection, challenges, many different and varied tasks. I saw him evolve at his own pace. He has integrated well into the team, everyone is happy to see him there, he is happy.

He pushed us to organize ourselves, to have a square process. If there is something that is not clear, he does not understand. It forces us to be irreproachable, when he makes a mistake it's my fault, because I didn't explain well enough.

When an ESAT replaces our damaged labels

To reduce waste, our wines are delivered in stainless steel boxes to reduce cardboard as much as possible . And who says less cardboard sometimes says a few damaged bottle labels. And as we find our labels very beautiful, we want them to be so when you receive our wines!
The solution is not to throw away all that good wine, nor to sell it off at every lunch break as a team. So here is our solution. We make the ESAT work next to our premises which takes off the labels and puts others back to perfection!

As we use a water- soluble glue so that the labels are easier to take off when cleaning them (oh yes because we do the deposit on the bottles ) there is no trace on the bottle. And presto, a beautiful brand new bottle!

With Cygogne, it rolls

Cygogne is not a bird, but an integration company specializing in solidarity eco-logistics. This company embraces our values ​​with a desire to respect the environment by offering deliveries by cargo bike. This initiative avoids “last mile” pollution. But beyond the ecological aspect of Cygogne, the company recruits and accompanies people far from employment . It allows them to put a foot (or a pedal stroke) back in the professional world and that we love it!

OuiClean: Yes it's clean

To have premises that are clean and cleaned with responsible products, we call on a company called OuiClean . OuiClean is an integration company that ensures the cleanliness of our premises. So in addition to using cleaning products that are super good for the planet, with components of vegetable origin and 100% biodegradable, OuiClean allows many people to work, and that is priceless!

Don't Zigzag anymore, help women

To protect our bottles in the palox, we use large covers instead of a lot of plastic . And to sew these covers we called on the zigzag insertion workshop. Zigzag is a re-mobilization action aimed at women accumulating social, personal and professional difficulties. It allows women to build a path to sustainable employment , and that, without zigzagging!

Finally, as you can imagine, who says Oé says wine and who says wine says a lot of corks. So for that we chose to donate them to the France cancer association . This association resells the cork and the synthetic then donates the earnings to two cancer research laboratories.

And at Oé we set up the Parental Challenge , and that's great. For example, we don't hold any meetings after 6 p.m. So whether we are parents or not, we are all delighted with this measure!

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