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Alternatives to rice throwing for an eco-responsible wedding

Congratulations, you are getting married. You probably have a thousand ideas in mind that have blossomed since you made the decision to take the plunge. And now you imagine yourself radiant, at the end of your ceremony , under a rain of rice. And as your ecological conscience returns at a gallop, we give you our advice for an eco-responsible ceremony outing .

Rice throwing: the origin of this tradition

Whether you want to have a secular wedding or a wedding of any religion, we all have our traditions and our desires. If there is a practice that we see at almost all weddings, it is rice throwing. It goes back a long way, to Antiquity to be more precise.

This tradition has its origins in a pagan and ancient custom which consisted of throwing cereal seeds to newlyweds to wish them prosperity and fertility. If you're wondering why grains were associated with fertility, it's quite simple. Harvest and fertility, both linked to the image of prosperity, were represented by the goddess Demeter in Greek mythology, also called Ceres in Roman religion. A beautiful journey through time!

The goddess Demeter

The goddess Demeter, also goddess of biodynamics

Little by little, rice is becoming the most used cereal in these traditions. Rice was and still is the essential component of many agricultural crops around the world. No wonder to see it take on great importance in the rites and traditions of Man, everywhere in the world. In Hindu culture, the bride had to walk around the altar four times to receive a handful of rice each time. In Indonesia, rice has the particularity of protecting the soul of the husband, coveted by the Devil himself. Much more romantic, the Italian riders, in the 19th century, used it to show a woman that they liked her.

As you can see, rice throwing , more than an element of Western folklore, is part of many traditions around the world. And in terms of ecology and maintenance, this is not ideal. This is why many municipalities prohibit it. In addition to wasting food, the rice on the ground can cause you to slip and doesn't make it easy for cleaners. It also attracts birds that will feast on it (to the detriment of their health and their small stomachs).

It is still possible to perpetuate this tradition in certain towns and villages, you must obtain prior authorization and ensure that the cleaning will be carried out by you after the wedding ceremony . Now, if like us, you find that the throwing of rice has had its day, we offer you alternatives!

Alternatives to rice throwing

Alternatives for a responsible marriage

There are many alternatives to throwing rice like a guard of honor, dried flower petals , homemade or natural confetti and many more. We tell you more.

A guard of honor

What if you asked your guests to make a guard of honor at the exit of the church or the town hall to welcome you? No need to throw or throw anything. If your guests have ribbon wands , they can wave them above you. The perfect idea for a colorful and zero waste ceremony outing . You can also personalize your hurdle according to your tastes or your hobbies: rackets for tennis players, musical instruments for music lovers, bicycles for cyclists, it's up to you to find the idea that suits you the most.

Dried flower petals

Dried flower petals

What better way to be romantic than to throw and receive flowers. The advantage is that the petals are biodegradable . It is still possible that your town hall will ask you to pick them up. As a result, we avoid picking up fresh flowers and opt for dried flowers which are more ecological. No need to bring them from far away, dried flower petals harvested as the season progresses in your garden or in nature will do the trick. We have a special crush on lavender seeds , which have the advantage of smelling good and adding color and charm to your outing and even being offered in small sachets to guests if you have too many.

Homemade confetti with dead leaves

Homemade confetti is perfect for organizing a 100% natural, ecological and zero waste ceremony outing . And the little extra is that it won't cost you anything if you use dead leaves picked up in the fall. You will also have the choice of shape and size depending on the punch used. Take yourself a little in advance and do some tests to see the result and on D-Day, you will have the right to a traditional and responsible release.

soap bubbles

Who hasn't dreamed of getting married as a kid? Wake up the child inside you for this special day with soap bubbles. With an ecological dishwashing product that respects the environment, it's even better . For that, try to collect enough bubblers before the wedding. Organizing your wedding well also means planning ahead, especially for the small details.

Wheat seeds for birds

To stay in the tradition of throwing rice, you can opt for seeds that will not be harmful to birds that you will find in pet stores or seeds of country flowers if the “throwing” takes place in a field or in the countryside. You can also choose wheat seeds that are more digestible than rice for our feathered friends.

No more throwing rice , you are full of ideas for your ceremonial outing. And if you have others, do not hesitate to share them with us , we will be happy to share them with our community on the networks.

Tips for a responsible marriage

An ethical and responsible marriage

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