Oé et les Objectifs du Développement Durable (partie 2)

Oé and the Sustainable Development Goals (part 2)

If you are avid students of the blog, you are certainly looking forward to this article. I would even say that you no longer sleep at night. “Oh, but what is she going to be able to tell us”, “she only talked about a few SDGs, what are the others?”.
For the others, here is the first part of our topo on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN here .

I am not going to explain all the SDGs to you again. Simply put, the Sustainable Development Goals give us the roadmap to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all . Ah, and there are 17 of them. Yes 17, not one more nor one less, like Snow White and the 17 dwarfs… 7 or 17? Let's say 17, that will give him more suitors.

I invite you to discover the other SDGs and see how Oé is positioned. Because there are quite a few companies that do greenwashing, so check where Oé is at (try to read these last 4 words quickly, you'll see it's sport).

The SDGs at Oé (part 2)

Sustainable consumption and production

Here, it's about doing more and better with less . At the moment, we produce worldwide using the environment and its natural resources in a way that continues to have destructive effects on the planet (RIP our beautiful planet…).
Sustainable consumption can limit environmental degradation, reduce poverty and ensure the transition to green and low-carbon economies.

At Oé, we are fans of our planet and we intend to keep it as much as possible! So we set up a MiiMOSA crowdfunding campaign to help winegrowers develop the beautiful biodiversity and to continue waking up to the sweet sound of birds (cui cui cui… close your eyes, you're there). Because, personally, at the moment what wakes me up is more the sound of mosquitoes and cars...

We have also been a B Corp for 5 years, so we are putting a lot of different actions in place to consume and produce in a sustainable way . For example, the UN tells us to recycle glass, aluminum and plastic. With the team we found better than that… we do the deposit of our bottles !

To give you some figures, reusing a bottle instead of recycling it saves 33% water, 76% energy and 79% greenhouse gases. Awesome, right?

Aquatic life: a wealth to be preserved

One of the missions of the UN is to conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources .
We saw it with the heat wave: water is a rare commodity. The ocean makes our planet habitable. Rainwater, drinking water, weather, climate, coastlines, much of our food, and even the oxygen in the air we breathe, all are supplied and regulated by the oceans.
Incredible isn't it? But these nuggets you have to pamper them if you don't want to be dried out and have as many wrinkles as ET (phone, house… sorry, I had to).

To give you an interesting statistic, the oceans absorb about 30% of the CO2 produced by humans and mitigate the impacts of global warming. So here is a fairly easy action that we can all put in place but which, unfortunately, is not yet automatic: STOP PLASTIC !
It pollutes, it goes into the oceans, it can't be recycled, it produces a lot of CO2 (more than 2 billion tons per year), in short, it's of no interest.

With Oé we try to stop using plastic. We are working on zero waste logistics . In 2021, we reduced the plastic in our warehouse by 50% . To put it simply: our packaging has no superfluous layers, we protect the bottles with cardboard. In our warehouse it's the same, it's plastic hunting. We store our bottles of wine in bulk in stainless steel boxes, and to send them we have made large fabric covers.

Likewise, you must have been surprised when you saw our bottles for the first time: “ but where is it (the capsule)? Not there, but she's not there, but where is she? pas làààà ” (Vianney was inspired by Oé to write his famous song).
Or, you may have said to yourself “they are exaggerating, they have already opened my wine”. No, no, we don't taste your bottles (although sometimes we would like to). We made the choice not to put caps on the bottles because since 2019 the law no longer requires you to have a cap. It's the only thing that doesn't recycle on bottles. So why add unnecessary waste?

Life on land: let's preserve biodiversity

Under the term “preserving earthly life” hides a lot of things. To sum up, it is necessary to: 1) preserve and restore terrestrial ecosystems and 2) ensure that they are used in a sustainable manner. Sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse the process of land degradation and halt the loss of biodiversity. Nice program!
A simple action that is easy to implement to help biodiversity regenerate is to… plant trees. No excuses are accepted, even if you have a 5cm2 balcony. So it's sure that you may not be planting an oak tree (whatever... it can be funny), but you can already start by planting basil, chives, well anything that is green, that smells nature and which will be delicious in your dishes.

Through the Oé Program for Biodiversity , we help winegrowers to go beyond organic. For example, at the beginning of September 2021, we launched a crowdfunding campaign to do agroforestry work at Franck and Véro, winegrowers in Pujols not far from Bordeaux, to promote biodiversity. In April 2022 we launched a second campaign to do the same at Pascal and Nicolas in Saint-Michel de Lapujade in the same region. We all have a role to play, at our level.

Fight against global warming

The fight against global warming has become an inseparable part of achieving sustainable development. Since 1990, global CO2 emissions have increased by 50% . We've all felt the heat this year (especially this summer) and... watch out drum roll... trrrrblllrrrllllrrrrrbrrrr (*this is a drum roll*)... the year 2022 is one of the 3 hottest years ever recorded ! (for the moment).

Levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases recorded in the atmosphere reached new records in 2022. Climate change now affects all countries on all continents. The global economy is disrupted and lives are affected. The weather is changing, the sea is rising, and we have more and more extreme weather phenomena (see worrying).

So there, we're really going to have to… WE MOVE. We have already given you several little tips to change things on your scale while explaining Oé's actions to limit this global warming .

All these sustainable development goals are a guideline for moving towards a better world. Say like that, it's a bit of a rose water film. But it's very serious if we want to be able to leave a decent planet for our children, their children and their children and… in short, you understood me.

There are other SDGs concerning the education of children, equal access to clean water, investment in infrastructure and innovation for sustainable development, the end of poverty or even an SDG concerning peace, justice and institutions.

At Oé we try to commit as much as possible to these Sustainable Development Goals . We know we're not perfect, but we tend to do the best for everything! So if you too are implementing actions that go in the direction of sustainable development, don't hesitate to tell us about them!

Signed: Your dear and devoted Chloé d'Oé* (* this signature is recycled, but as it is good for sustainable development, it passes… )

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