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Which wines to serve for the wine of honor of his wedding?

Marriage is a beautiful adventure that can be done together. And to properly organize your vin d'honneur , which is the first step in a successful wedding party , it is better to make sure you don't run out of wine and bubbles! What quantities of bottles to plan? Which wines to choose? It is sometimes difficult to decide if you are not an expert in the matter. The Oé team is here to help you! In the car the bride and groom , the wine of honor will soon have no more secrets for you.


The wine of honor, what is it?

You've just passed the ring on your finger and unless Shrek enters the church saying “I oppose it”, there is little chance that your wedding ceremony will be missed. The wine of honor is the pot that is organized between the ceremony and the wedding meal . It's the perfect hyphen to recover from all the beautiful emotions once you say "Yes" and to enjoy your guests before dinner. The cocktail brings together all the guests to toast to your happiness . It is also an opportunity to thank the guests for having witnessed your union and to share a good time with the guests who are not taking part in the meal.

Not easy to make this famous guest list for your wedding meal, especially if you have a large family and many friends. Generally, we invite the closest members of our entourage to dinner. For the reception , however, everyone is invited. This is the first stage of the wedding party and it must be successful and washed down with the right amount of bottles.

How much should you plan for your reception?

Generally, the wine reception lasts between two and three hours so as not to encroach on the time of the wedding meal. Only one rule for this moment : delight your guests with something to drink and eat well. As they say: “with a full belly, a happy heart”!

For the aperitif, let your caterer's imagination run wild. Petits fours, surprise breads and gourmet verrines are the Holy Trinity of each successful cocktail. In terms of quantities, there are about 10 pieces per person per hour. And since we all have sweet-toothed gourmets around us, you can offer 4 or 5 pieces of little sweets.

Your aperitif for your reception

As for the drink, there is generally one bottle for four people. That's for the theory, in practice, we adapt to all desires and situations and we help you make your choice. Now that you have a good idea of ​​the quantity to expect, you still have to answer a crucial question: what beverages to serve for your reception ? We tell you right here.

Which wines to serve for a vin d'honneur?

You know them, we don't present them to you anymore, they are always there for small and big occasions: bubbles ! The vin d'honneur is an opportunity to mark the occasion and for that, sparkling wines such as champagne and crémant are often (all the time) on the rise with the bride and groom. They go wonderfully with petit fours and their bubbles will be perfect for a festive moment .

Have you ever wondered how to differentiate champagne from crémant ? Well, it's very simple, the difference comes mainly from a question of territory and controlled appellation. We tell you more. To make champagne, the Champagne method consists of bringing out the foam and the bubbles in a second fermentation. It is the same technique as the traditional method used for the vinification of crémants. Add a mixture of yeast, sugar and old wine to the bottle before corking it and you're done. However, the Champagne appellation is reserved for sparkling wines from the region of the same name. The aging time is also longer for champagnes . The variety of grape varieties used to make crémants is on the other hand wider, ranging from Riesling from Alsace to Cabernet-Franc from Bordeaux in addition to the usual Chardonnay , Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir . There you go, you know everything.

And suddenly, should we necessarily buy the most prestigious champagne to celebrate this beautiful moment? As the dress does not make the monk, the price does not make the taste. Every budget can be found there and a crémant is sometimes better than a champagne. Our Crémant d'Alsace has already seduced many newlyweds and their guests . With its aromas of white-fleshed fruits (apricot, pear), it is the first sparkling wine in our range and will be perfect for the vin d'honneur.

Le Crémant

15,80 €

Pinot blanc • Pinot noir • Riesling

If champagne and crémant are the undisputed stars of the vin d'honneur, it is still possible to opt for other drinks such as the famous kir royal , fresh and organic fruit juices or organic wine. In any case, don't forget to offer soft drinks for those who don't drink alcohol or who don't like bubbles.

Want to get out of the traditional? And if you opt for house cocktails? In the team, we love mimosa . No, this cocktail has nothing to do with our partner MiiMOSA with whom we have set up a campaign to help one of our winegrowers in their projects . Mimosa is a cocktail made with champagne or crémant and iced citrus juice, traditionally orange juice. Perfect for a little fruity break and a sunny wedding. Are you more rural? A good champagne soup is the answer to your desires: bottles of champagne or crémant, a little cane sugar, lime and Cointreau, and voila!

Organic wine in his vin d'honneur?

Do you want to move away from traditional sparkling wines and offer organic wine to your guests during your vin d'honneur ? In the team, we say yes. A vin d'honneur is not just an opportunity to blow up the corks, we also take the plunge and shake up the lines of tradition.

Choosing organic wine for your vin d'honneur is one more step for the environment. With our organic, vegan and pesticide-free wines , we offer you the perfect combo for a wedding that is good for your guests and good for the planet. If you have appetizers made with fresh vegetables, offer your guests a glass of Corbières . For small flexitarian portions, the Vaucluse Principauté d'Orange will be perfect for your savory bites.

Wine for the bride and groom

You can also choose to highlight the region of the place of reception. At Oé, we work hand in hand with winegrowers who are committed to expressing the beauty of the terroirs of our beautiful regions. If the wedding takes place in the Rhône Valley , have your friends taste a good red Côtes-du-Rhône . If you are in Bugey, put the terroir in the spotlight with a good bottle of white Bugey . Whatever the place of your union, we are committed to offering you the best nuggets for your reception and we deliver to your place of reception within 48 hours. 

Offering regional wines also goes hand in hand with the regional specialties that you can serve on the plates of your guests. Don't hesitate to let your small local producers or caterers know .

Whatever you choose, the main thing is to have fun. There is no recipe to follow to the letter for a successful vin d'honneur . Give yourself time to reflect and discover our red wines , white wines and rosé wines , to delight the palate of your guests.

Discover all our organic wines to celebrate your vin d'honneur!


Advice for a successful vin d'honneur

The team advises you to choose different reception locations for your reception . The closer you are to the church or the town hall, the faster you can toast (and get around on foot).

The vin d'honneur is a buffet which generally takes place standing, unlike the wedding meal. Remember to provide chairs for pregnant women, children and the elderly.

Being organized is good, thinking about entertainment is better! For example, a tasting stand with a sommelier to help you discover the wines you have chosen, culinary events or even a chocolate fountain. Good ideas are not lacking, we let you find yours.

And for even more ideas to organize your wedding, see you here!

Oé takes care of your reception

Oé is committed to embellishing your beautiful day. We accompany you in the choice of your wines, we define together your desires, your budget, and we choose the best organic wine for your reception and your meal.

We help you choose the number of bottles to provide depending on the number of guests, the location, the atmosphere you want and we advise you so that you make the best choices. The tasting is also deducted from the overall bill. We are at your disposal to help you find the wines of your desires and the right quantities to provide. Trust us !

Contact us at hello@oeforgood.com to discuss your wine choices with Thomas and take advantage of your preparation time to discover our different appellations to be found on our site. See you soon !

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